All brands agree on the importance of water. But there is a big difference between the water from the tap at home and the bottled water you can buy in the supermarket.

The minerals in bottled water ensure that each brand can boast of its taste and composition as the best-bottled water to drink for health. The drinker can already learn a lot about this on the label. The mineral value that you get is important when you drink such water. Something you should keep an eye on especially for children or if you have high blood pressure.

As an adult, you have to absorb at least one and a half liters of water per day, in addition to the liter that you get from foods such as fruit and vegetables. Children and seniors should reach for the bottle a little more often, and you should also keep an eye on your moisture balance at high temperatures and during intensive exercise.

Running for an hour at an average temperature will quickly make you in need of one and a half liters of water.

As a pregnant woman, you have to drink more; otherwise, your kidneys have to work overtime. It is a good idea to always have a bottle on hand.

An adult needs calcium per day. The substance is responsible for the production of healthy tissue and strong bones. Magnesium, which ensures the proper functioning of the muscles and nervous system, is also essential.

Do not be tempted by waters that display a wealth of both minerals. Calcium should mainly be obtained from dairy products. Magnesium can be found in nuts and seeds, whole grain products, dried fruit, and even chocolate. The only mineral that you should keep an eye on is folic acid.

If you have high blood pressure or have fluid in your body, you should avoid bottled water with a high concentration of sodium.

In young children, you have to pay attention to the nitrate content, which can be an indication of pollution.

Children have to grow to the full and need enough vitamins, minerals, and moisture to do so. They are constantly on the move and get hot because they sweat less than adults. Drinking enough is the message. A child weighing 15 kilos needs an average of 1 liter of bottled water per day.

In any case, make children consume as much water as possible. If necessary, put a colored cup with a straw in front of them, that might help. And always put a bottle of water with their lunch box or snack.

A worker who lays pavers in the summer will have to drink liters to stay healthy. Every hard worker sweats and has to make up for that moisture loss. All mineral waters are eligible for this. Do watch your blood pressure. Sodium, the main constituent of salt, can increase it. You can also buy bottled water rich in magnesium.

Athletes also need extra minerals. For example, they have to absorb up to 500 mg of magnesium per day. So they can calmly eat a piece of chocolate. For an average athlete, it is sufficient to supply moisture. Which brand you do that with is of little importance. It is especially important to drink regularly. If you are thirsty, it is already too late, because your body is already suffering from a moisture deficiency. Even if you feel satisfied, you are not necessarily hydrated enough.

At an advanced age, our body is the most dehydrated and we don’t feel thirsty. Water makes up only fifty percent of body weight, compared to seventy-five percent at birth. So you have to drink more and more to keep your fluid balance.