It is already an overwhelming experience to find the best feeding bottles for your full-term newborn; however, this experience becomes more challenging when parents have to look for the best feeding bottles for preemies. Babies who are born between the 20th and 37th weeks of pregnancy are called preemies or premature babies.

Premature babies might find it difficult to suck and swallow milk, and the intestines of preemies also sometimes take longer to develop. That is why sometimes, a tube or an IV is used through a preemie’s mouth or nose to feed them initially. Once a preemie is capable enough to bottle or breastfeed, he/she might find it difficult to latch and need a slower milk flow. Keeping in mind these factors, the following are some of the best bottles for preemies.

1. Dr. Brown’s Original – Best Preemie Bottle

These bottles have always been parents’ favorites, as their prices are very reasonable. Its two-way design of the vent system imitates the breastfeeding pressure flow, which is why these preemie bottles are best for reducing air intake. Thus, a baby can avoid uncomfortable gas, burping, spitting, and crying.

An appropriate flow of milk and venting is the most significant attribute which makes a feeding bottle suitable and comfortable for your child. Dr. Brown’s original bottle comes with different nipples ensuring different flow sizes for older babies, newborns, and preemies. It helps parents in adjusting the milk flow regarding the drinking ability of their baby.

2. Phillips Avent Natural – A Renowned Preemie Bottle

Phillips Avent Natural baby bottle has got amazing reviews as it imitates the nipple’s shape and makes the bottle-feeding experience easier and natural for all babies. It comprises soft silicone material that doesn’t confuse a baby while latching on. These nipples help mothers when they switch their preemies from breastfeeding to feeding on the bottle.

Phillip Avent’s First Flow bottle nipple happens to be perfect for preemies as it ensures the slow flow of milk for preemies who have sensitive and small tummies. It also consists of an anti-colic valve that helps in reducing air bubbles. If colic is the problem your premature baby is struggling with, then the vent system of Phillip Avent feeding bottle is perfect for your child. The shape of these bottles is ergonomic; they are very lightweight and can be easily held. The size of the Phillips Avent feeding bottle is perfect for your small or premature baby. The spiral design of the nipple also comprises comfort petals; it helps in the natural movement of the nipple.

3. Como Tomo – Best Premature Bottles

Como Tomo Baby bottles come in a pack consisting of 4 bottles, and it proves to be very economical for parents. It consists of 2 8oz and two 5oz. Bottles and can last you until your baby turns 6 months old. Comotomo baby bottles are among the best feeding bottles for preemies as they have medium and slow flow options, which you can choose based on the sucking capability of your premature child. Its design is ergonomic, and its nipple feels very natural, which comforts babies who normally only breastfeed.

4. Munchkin Latch – Best Preemie Baby Bottle

Slow flow is a major requirement of preemies, and the Munchkin Latch Baby bottle fulfills this requirement very efficiently. It contains an anti-colic valve at the bottle’s bottom that helps in regulating airflow so any tummy trouble can be prevented. Munchkin latch baby bottle also has a unique nipple, its base looks like an accordion with little folds, and it synchronizes with the natural drinking motion of your baby. It makes sure that your baby stays latched, which is very important for preemies.

5. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

Tommee tippee closer to nature baby bottles proves to be very effective when you switch your preemie from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding or if you choose to do both. Its silicone nipple is very smooth and naturally flexible; it looks like the breast and makes it easier for a baby to latch. These bottles contain a latch that doesn’t let air enter. This is very good for preemies that sometimes experience digestive and colic issues. It is also very easy to clean these bottles as they have very wide-mouth and contain minimal parts. Its nipple ensures slow-flow, which doesn’t let a baby drink too fast.

Best Bottles for Preemies – FAQs

Preemies require special treatment and also some assistance with nursing. It is a good idea to get a special bottle or bottle with a special nipple, which would make the feeding experience easy for your premature babies. Small bottles are best for premature babies as they reduce air intake and ensure slow milk flow.
The Phillips Avent, Natural Baby bottles give the slowest flow for newborns.
Phillips Avent bottles are better for preemies and newborns as they reduce air intake, give a slow milk flow, and prevents leakage.