Conspiracy theories and documentaries are always known to be a reputable source of humor and are likely to be enjoyed by millions worldwide. They are mainly the indefatigable realities of the universe we are residing in. There is a handful that is known to be the best conspiracy documentaries on Netflix. A Netflix account is all that you need to have, and you are good to go. We have got the best ones compiled for you below. Do check them out.

Number 5. Behind the curve 2018

This documentary is one of the best conspiracy theory documentaries on Netflix. It focuses on a tiny yet compelling group of individuals who support a conspiracy deeply to cover up the truth that the planet earth is flat. They even go beyond their way to prove their hypothesis as well.

The followers introduce their experimental methods. However, it mainly emphasizes Mark Sargent, who is amongst the most influential supporters of the movement and makes a speech at the first flat earther conference in the middle of an ongoing solar eclipse. It is a must-watch for people who want a good laugh and a killer ending. Also, it has something meaningful to deliver, as well.

Number 4. Wormwood

Errol Morris investigates the brutal murder of a well-known scientist who belonged from the US and was heavily caught up in a hidden, cold war experiment named MK-Ultra. This documentary centers on a man whose dad was dropped to death from the thirteenth floor of a famous hotel in New York known as the Statler hotel.

The incident took place just a couple of weeks after his CIA boss had been illegally intoxicated with LSD. It is still unclear if this was a suicide case or forced to do so after deciding to stop engaging in and say goodbye to the CIA’s underground mental-control scheme called MKUltra. Eric thinks that the dad was killed, but it remains a mystery since he cannot confirm it.

It is truly a masterpiece, mind-blowing, and terrifying. And one of the most prominent crime documentaries ever.

Number 3. The Family

The documentary explores a traditional Christian community called the Family. It discusses its past and explores its drastic impact on US politics. It may sound like a bogus conspiracy theory, but the entire thing seems to have some validity when you investigate it in depth.

The documentary has been divided into five sections, which centers primarily on “The Family.” It is one of the best conspiracy documentaries on Netflix that I have ever seen. I can vouch for this. Family” having links with the republican politicians and not the Democrats.

The entire documentary is more of an interview with the author, who smoothly presented the narrative and labeled it anti-democratic. While the documentary got a lot of backlashes, and people were skeptical about it. On the other hand, the documentary itself and everyone’s professionalism were a hit and made it worth watching.

Number 2. The traffickers

This documentary has been divided into eight parts. The plot highlights a female journalist who ventures worldwide to uncover a range of drug money, from weapons to gold to pieces of the human body.

As much as it sounds exciting but a majority of people do not like it. They said the host had spoiled the entire documentary by continually giving her point of view. But it is for sure that you will learn a lot since most of the issues related to trafficking have been discussed here.

Watch it out and your own risk.

Number 1. Loose Change 2015

The importance of the 9/11 incident still holds importance in our lives today. Essentially, this documentary was made as a symbol for the affected people, who went through a lot on September 11, 2001.

It might not be a hundred percent accurate, but It has enabled them to raise questions that they had been deprived of their right to inquire about their lives. It is also believed that the US government itself was responsible for the attack.

The documentary will open your eyes, and you will be bound to look at things from a broader aspect. It is highly recommended to watch.