Credit cards are what allow you to make the desired purchase, without having to wait for the salary. They are essentially a type of loan because they allow one to make transactions within a certain limit, and repay the utilized amount at a later date. However, with so many companies offering these cards today, the competition has become quite intense. To stand out, each one tries to provide additional benefits, thus making it difficult for the customers to make a choice. Therefore, we have brought you a list of the best credit cards of 2021.

1Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards

This one is our favorite because it offers extra value via the generous earning rate. Furthermore, the amount of interest charged is quite low and the fee is also not exorbitant. No extra deductions are made on a foreign transaction, thus making this card the perfect alternate for cash while traveling locally as well as internationally.


  • No annual deductions
  • No extra charges on foreign transactions
  • An attractive rewards program that offers a high return
  • Reasonable offers on initial purchases


  • The amount of one-time bonus is just moderate.
  • There are no bonus rewards rates.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is higher as compared to some other options.

2Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard

This card is one of the best options for those who travel by air frequently. Anyone who acquires the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard and makes transactions worth $2500 via it during the first 3 months is entitled to 50,000 miles on American Airlines. Furthermore, if you use your card to make payments at any restaurant, gas station, or American Airlines itself, you’ll earn 2× miles on every dollar spent.

If you have this credit card on you while traveling, you and 4 of your companions may check in your first bag for free. Also, there is no additional fee charged on foreign transactions.

The only drawback is that this card deducts an annual fee of $99 but, even that is waived during the first year.


  • No annual fee is charged during the first year.
  • The more you spend, the more miles you earn.
  • You are entitled to extra benefits while traveling.


  • Benefits are specific to frequent travelers only.
  • No option for transferring the earned points to purchase or other offers.
  • Late fees can be as high as $40.

3Bank of America Cash Rewards for Students

This is one of the best credit cards for students, offering them significant rewards on spending at wholesale clubs, grocery stores, and other places. Bonus cashback can be gained on the first $2500 spent every quarter. Newly registered cardholders may benefit from a promotional APR of 0% on purchases made within the first 15 months. This is particularly beneficial for students who may need some extra time to gather the borrowed amount.

Because the target market of this particular card has limited resources, no annual fee is charged.


  • Up to 3% cashback can be availed on any eligible category.
  • The annual fee is not charged.
  • Online tools are made available to students, to educate them about managing finances more efficiently.


  • The 3% fee is charged on foreign transactions.
  • Bonus cash back per quarter cannot be higher than $2500.
  • A relatively high amount needs to be spent to earn the welcome bonus.

4World of Hyatt

If you enjoy hotel stays, the World of Hyatt card is just for you. Amongst all credit cards in the category, this one offers the highest value upon redemption of gathered points. Although, it is comparatively difficult to earn points on this card in the first place.

A unique offer given to cardholders is that of a complimentary one-time night stay in a Hyatt hotel within the category 1-4, on their membership anniversary. Furthermore, users of this card benefit from an extremely high earning rate if they make any expenditure at Hyatt hotels.

Although the annual fee is charged, the excessive benefits offered to make up for it.


  • Attractive one-time offer on membership anniversary
  • High reward upon spending at Hyatt hotel(s)
  • May earn up to 2 award nights every year


  • An annual fee is charged from the very beginning
  • Small brand footprint

5Secured Mastercard from Capital One

This is one of the most secure credit card options for customers. Neither does it require an annual fee, nor an upfront security deposit. Customers have the choice of making the payment for security deposits in installments. Furthermore, if cardholders exhibit responsible behavior, they are entitled to an automatic increase in the credit line over some time.


  • The allowed limit for availing of credit may be higher than the security deposit paid.
  • Security deposit payments can be made in installments.
  • The annual fee is not charged, neither is the foreign transaction fee.


  • Cardholders are required to have a bank account.
  • The initial credit limits allowed are quite low.
  • Lack of rewards programs or bonuses.

These were our picks for the best credit cards of 2021. If you are thinking about signing up for one, a glance at these options may help you find what you are looking for.