A recent hike in the prices of different cryptocurrencies has shifted the world’s attention towards cryptocurrencies and the platforms where they are traded. There are a lot of exchange and trading channels available for the masses to invest but not all the platforms are user-friendly. Some of the best crypto exchange Reddit platforms cover crypto trading in detail; whereas there are even fewer options that prove to be useful in the trade of cryptocurrencies like Altcoin or Bitcoin.

We are enlisting some of the best crypto exchange Reddit platforms on the basis of relevance to the context of high quality, subscribers, and the number of updates regarding the ups and downs of cryptocurrency.

Crypto markets:

It is one of the biggest trade exchange Reddit markets for cryptocurrency. It has more than 427,000 subscribers. It is a huge community, where the users discuss openly cryptocurrencies and the news related to it. The sole purpose of this group is not to trade cryptocurrencies but to enlighten its users.

People discuss news, entrance of new coins or exchange of coins, memes etc. This marketplace is really happening as business is churned out of its premises while people enjoy trading.

Crypto Currency Trading:

The ultimate place to trade Bitcoin. This Reddit group has almost 79,000 subscribers and the number is only growing; as it attracts more and more people to trade in Bitcoin.

Apart from Bitcoin; Altcoin is also traded in this group. The trade is often complimented with vast discussions regarding trade of other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin markets:

This Reddit group primarily focuses on Bitcoin but at times deals in Altcoins also.  Bitcoin markets has 199,000 traders as subscribers and this subreddit group is very popular.

The group is considered very helpful; as the subscribers diligently share their ideas, strategies and tips to increase the trading profits of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The group is subdivided into two segments; one is entirely dedicated to the Altcoin trade and discussions; while the other one deals with daily Bitcoin trade and discussions related to it.


One of the largest groups present on the platform of Reddit with a staunch 2.1 million subscribers. This subreddit group became one of the biggest groups in no time as it deals in cryptocurrencies in great depth. No specific trade policies or analyses are shared on this group but it keeps the subscribers updated with the latest news and the ongoing situation of cryptocurrencies trade.

It is one of the best crypto exchanges on Reddit to stay updated regarding cryptocurrencies.


Ethtrader is one of the fastest-growing Reddit groups. It has hit 1.2 million subscribers in April this year. Ethtrader exclusively deals in Ethereum trade. It is considered as one of the largest groups for ETH trade on Reddit.

Comedy is a very popular flair among the members of this group.  Alongside comedy, they also keenly participate in discussions regarding the latest Ethereum news, as well as trading and investing of ETH.

The members of this group are very enthusiastic about incorporating the latest technology in cryptocurrency trade. They discuss technology along with other subjects which are market-related.

Some of the most common tags of discussion are Augur, MRK. GNT, ETH, ICN, BTC, DGD, DApp, and REP.

The young members of Ethtrader are often found discussing ways to invest more time and money in order to increase the return and profit. 


Bitcoin is by far the largest cryptocurrency group on Reddit. It has a whopping 1.6 million followers. The group is monitored and managed by a team who is constantly updating the members about the latest news and trading situation of Bitcoin; but discourages the trade of Bitcoin within the group.

The strategies regarding Bitcoin trade are also not discussed in this subreddit. Any kind of financial news or articles which do not have the word “Bitcoin” in it are easily termed as off-topic.

This subreddit group was formed to be a primary source of the latest news regarding cryptocurrencies and detailed analysis and discussions regarding it.


BTC can be termed as another spin off group made after Bitcoin. It is considered to be more liberal compared to Bitcoin as a wide number of subscribers are the supporters of Bitcoin cash (BCH).

This group has many Bitcoin industry leaders who are almost always ready to answer questions exclusively for this subreddit group. Apart from that, an active and healthy discussion is almost always ongoing in the group embellished with GIFs and humor.

Crypto Currency News

Sporting almost 67,000 subscribers, this group on Reddit serves as the most authentic source of news regarding different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum, Token etc. The news shared on this platform is heavily influenced by the factors which will affect the price and trade of cryptocurrencies


This Ethereum infused group deal in the discussion of prices, trade exchange rate and market attributes of the Ethtraders. The group has 476,000 subscribers who have joined this platform to stay updated about the latest news regarding Ethereum.

This group does not cover exchanges, market analysis and trading of Ethereum or the price predictions of the crypto coins.

Lite coin traders

This is a relatively small discussion group; formulated to bring experienced and beginners in the market together. It has only 2400 subscribers and this small community was formulated to have friendly discussions and speculations about the growth of the crypto market in a realistic manner.

Bitcoin Beginners:

As the name suggests, this group was created to assist the beginners who are stepping into the market of cryptocurrency. The new traders can ask any kind of questions related to Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

Promotion of cryptocurrencies is not allowed and if someone does that it is considered as an off-topic discussion.

Bottom line:

After reviewing all the groups on Reddit, we have concluded that the best crypto exchange Reddit groups among the above mentioned are:

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Bitcionmarkets
  • Ethtrader
  • Cryptomarket

These four provide complete insight regarding the crypto markets and what steps must be taken to succeed in the trading of cryptocurrency.

Best crypto exchange Reddit-FAQ’s

A lot of people have this perception that social media platforms generated information is not of any substantial worth; as there is a lot of spam involved. In a truer sense, social media platforms help immensely in understanding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Social media like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook provide a great deal of insight into how crypto markets work. The only thing required to do is to search and search in greater lengths in order to attain answers for all the related questions about the crypto market.
Reddit sub groups like the Bitcoinbegginners and other specialized channels provide knowledge in great depth to the beginners who want to start cryptocurrency trade. It is advised to do a thorough homework before entering the market so that the new trader is fully aware of the pros and cons attached to the trade.