As humans, we tend to be prepared for medical ailments. It is far easier to buy a pack of medicines for your flu than to arrange a supply for unforeseen circumstances. These situations may come in the form of natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, or storms.

No matter where you live, it is imperative to be prepared for the worst of conditions. Such situations may be out of our hands for the most part, but there is still some work that can be done beforehand. If your area is prone to flooding, it is important to obtain insurance. Here are some of the best flood insurance companies that can protect you against destructive floods, without leaving a dent in your pocket.

Handpicked for You: Best Flood Insurance Companies


Established back in 1936, the company was initially built to insure all the government employees and military officials. From then till now, it has expanded far and beyond the norm, only to become one of the largest flood insurance providers in the whole of America.

Convenient and simple, Geico makes use of local agents to sell their services to ensure that clients are provided with the best local knowledge. Whether you obtain an online quote to verify the cost of your insurance or call and speak with a live agent; Geico helps in all regards.

However, the policy costs will vary from state to state. The total amount of the flood insurance is also dependent on your living state- whether you are residing in the house all year long or for a selected period only, if it’s a rented property or a commercial property.

The Flood Insurance Agency

By ensuring a transparent process, The Flood Insurance Agency qualifies as one of the best flood insurance companies of all time. As an individual, the agency serves to provide a well-equipped starter’s guide for those who aren’t well versed in the process. 

You can see what they do and what they miss, estimate your costs through an online calculator and ensure your coverage goes well and beyond the NFIP’s limits. Through the Flood Insurance Agency, you can try to get your commercial building insured and use an online calculator to ensure protection.

There are a variety of different factors that will have an impact on your total commercial flood insurance value.  Some of these factors include the building’s location, foundation material, and the kind of premium you want.  Similar to other insurance companies, TFIA will also not cover a few situations, but that will all depend on the circumstances.

FloodSimple Insurance Services

With the highest rating on the whole of the internet, FloodSimple Insurance Services also makes it to the list of best flood insurance companies. Averaging 4.8 out of a total 5 on Google Reviews, the company has proven to offer the best of services to its customers.

The company provides an instant quoting tool online, making it easier for people to extract a total estimate of their costs. Gauging a better understanding of the needs of consumers, the FloodSimple Insurance Services also offer several online tools and guides to find answers all the time.

It provides insurance for commercial buildings, rented houses, condos, and townhouses. The company is an ideal choice for these properties as they can be quoted quickly and result in much lower costs if merged with the home owner’s insurance policy.


With a solid reputation and substantial financial backing, MetLife is one of the top companies for obtaining flood insurance. By offering a fairly low-cost policy, it is a top favorite for people who are looking towards insurance without spending too much.

The best part about availing of an offer from this company is that it provides complete property coverage as part of their package. A low policy per month is an added benefit, which allows people to cover for catastrophes at less than $15 per month for $15,000 of total coverage.

Additionally, the company also gives out a bonus coverage that comes in four special coverage packages. People who hold the insurance policy can take up to $15,000. You even get the chance to view and print all your documents online. Can it get any better than this?


Neptune falls on the list of best flood insurance companies as it can make tailor-made policies to cover a large portion of your assets. Unlike its competitors, Neptune can cover way more of your assets. Hence, it is a viable option for those who are looking for much more extensive coverage.

It also has an online residential quote tool which makes the process of estimation much easier for consumers. The best part about Neptune is that you can develop the policy to include a set of replacement costs, living expenses, and other important costs.

What makes the company stand apart from its list of competitors is the lengthy list of policy inclusions. The plain fact that you can cover your property, living expenses, and buildings on the property is what makes the company a unique flood insurance company.

Final Thoughts

Although there are numerous flood insurance companies, these were a few of the best ones in the country. No matter which company you select, just remember that getting insurance in the face of natural disasters is integral in today’s time. It may seem like an extra cost, but getting insured will prove to be a step for the better.