It’s midnight, and now you suddenly feel an urge for late-night snacks. Nowadays everyone knows that it is not healthy to consume anything like junk food, or something that you should not eat just before going to sleep at night. Now you question yourself in your mind, if you can not have a pizza slice or half a burger, that is considered junk food, then what can you have? What healthy snacks to eat at night? Many dieticians and physicians have prescribed several late-night snacks that you can consume to satisfy your urge to eat late, and still, stay healthy. Below is a whole list of such physician-prescribed late-night snacks that are going to keep you energetic and healthy.

Banana Mixed with Almond Butter

Everyone knows that bananas are a healthy, any-time snack munch and one of the best fruits for all age groups. It helps to balance the melatonin level in your body that helps in your sleeping. Now, if you mix almond butter with a banana then obviously you are adding some more vitamins and essential fats to your banana snack. You are not just getting a good night’s sleep, but you are also getting some basic nutrients as well that your body needs during the night.


Usually, everyone loves cherries on top of their cakes, but what if you realize that you can have them at midnight as well without disturbing your diet plan? So, basically what most of you do not know is that these cherries strengthen your immune system and your inflammatory system in your body. Above all these cherries also help you to sleep well at night without the need to take sleeping pills. In a study, some women who were facing sleep depreciation were tested with snacks of cherries before going to sleep. At first, a few of these women started falling asleep for a few hours. Later, these women started getting a pleasant full night’s sleep.


If you like having different types of dry fruits or nuts in your free time then do adopt a habit of eating Pistachios, because they are not just tasty but they are also helpful to you as late-night snacks. They not only help you with balancing the melatonin level in your body but also provides you with the necessary calories for your body.


Obviously who does not love this sweet and fuzzy fruit, well it’s not just sweet and tasty, but it is also healthy for you. If you are unable to have a normal sleep of 7 to 8 hours for some time, then you should start having some Kiwi fruit before you go to bed. This fruit has a relaxing effect on your mind and body, due to which you will be having a better sleep. It has also been proven by a little research, that not only do ordinary people start having good and normal sleep by eating Kiwi regularly before sleeping but they also start developing sleeping routines.

Cheese with Crackers

This might seem unbelievable but physicians have prescribed cheese on crackers as one of the healthy late-night snacks a person can have. Obviously, for most of you, this might be like a dream come true. Grain crackers are helpful to fulfill protein and carbohydrate needs in your body. Similarly, cheese helps you with the necessary fats for your body. This is one of the best-known combinations of healthy snacks.


If you have nothing else in your refrigerator, then you can at least find a cup of yogurt in there. Some people would simply avoid it without even knowing that it is also one of the best prescribed late-night snacks. Yogurt is enriched with calcium, which is necessary for your bones and keeps your bones strong even in old age.