The advent of gaming brought with it the need to have appropriate accessories. If you have the right tools to make your gaming experience immersive, only then you will be able to enjoy it thoroughly. A chair is therefore a very important part of a work or gaming experience, but it can be pretty expensive. The best gaming chair under 100 dollars might not be an easy find if you are looking for specific features. But what you can do is, compare your options and prioritize which one is most suitable for your needs.

Technology and innovation have brought us such products that have really revolutionized how we see consumer products. There are disability-enabled PC chairs now that we could never have imagined in a time before modern technology took over. But these advanced tools and products come with advanced prices that are way too higher than what the majority of people can afford. Reasonable prices are an important factor before buying, which is why affordable options are always more tempting.

A niche product such as a Gaming Chair or PC chair as it is referred to in many places, might not be commonly known for its importance for the consumer, but it is. If you ask any professional spending 9+ hours at their chair, working away, or any gamer, professional or otherwise, they will specify exactly why they require a good chair. It is a matter of being the most comfortable, or as much as one can be while working or gaming, both of which can be stress-inducing at times.

Simultaneously, even among gamers or workers, there are certain things people prefer and they are not always unanimous. This is why we have variants in products so that it can cater to people who want different things out of the same product. Even though the end goal is to have the most comfortable chair, there are certain features that differ in different models of chairs.

Considering all the aspects before buying a chair is important, so let’s now look at the top options we have under $100. These will feature chairs with different specifications for different customers to assess and pick what they think is the most apt for them.

1. Furmax Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair

  • Padded armrests for enhanced comfort
  • Ergonomic design with 360 degree swivel option
  • Great lumbar support
  • Does not have an adjustable armrest

Key Features:

  • Leather chair with mesh material in the middle to provide a comfortable sitting experience
  • Can hold up to 220 pounds maximum weight
  • A standard size and height chair with adjustable high-back ability, called Pneumatic seat-height adjustment, allow you to adjust the seat’s position according to your comfort level
  • Non-adjustable armrests can be a problem, especially for those looking for absolute comfort
  • With 5 different colors and different prices, the chair offers different variants for customers to choose their preferred one
  • Ergonomic design enables it to hold you throughout the day without any fatigue on your back or neck

2. Homall Height Swivel Ergonomic Chair

  • Steel frame and waterproof leather material for steady posture
  • Multi-functional with features for adjustability
  • Coloured options are above $100
  • The lumbar pillow might seem too big

Key Features:

  • With a 300-pound maximum weight capacity, the chair is a comfortable buy for people that fall above the standard of 200-250 pounds in weight
  • The wheels have multi-direction ability and the chair is capable of 360 degree swivel giving you free flow of movement
  • SGS, UL and BIFMA verified the chair for use in multiple places including gaming room, office, living room and others, basically wherever you would like to put it
  • The headrest pillow is removable for those who prefer the headrest without the cushion. This is one of the main concerns shown by customers too, some think it might be a size too big just to rest the head
  • The ergonomic design and steel frame combine to make a rather firm and comfortable experience for long periods of time

3. ORISTUS Swivel Gaming Floor Chair

  • Not as supportive for your spine as a normal chair
  • Fully foldable to save space when not in use
  • Not durable

Key Features:

  • A floor chair can be just as great as any normal gaming chair with legs and a lower structure. It all depends on how you prefer to sit
  • 300 pounds maximum weight capacity is recommended for this chair, but it can adjust upwards weight due to its lower position
  • The chair comes as is, unlike normal chairs that require assembling. You do not have to worry about the entire process of putting it together before you can use it
  • It’s multifunctionality goes even beyond a normal chair. It can be used apart from gaming and work like for reading, lounging, watching TV etc.
  • It contains a swivel base unlike the common belief that floor chairs get fixated in one place
  • The adjustable seating and back make it easy for users to tweak it according to their favored posture. The only problem noticed/registered against it is that it isn’t very long-lasting in terms of durability. Thus, for a short term solution, this might be a great pick for you

4. BestOffice Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Bucket seat for extra comfort for long hours
  • Ergonomic diameters that enhance your comfort
  • Adjustable reclining and footrest feature
  • Some colored options are above $100

Key Features:

  • The premium PU leather on the seat is breathable and comfortable for long hours of sitting
  • The lumbar support is adjustable as the neck cushion is put in to support your neck along with the spine properly
  • Ergonomically designed the bucket seats and cushioned support all makes for perfect comfort throughout the time you spend on it
  • The weight capacity for this chair is 250 lbs which is a standard most chairs have
  • The company is well-known in the furniture and fixture business, therefore their customer guarantee puts you at ease when buying this chair
  • In addition to the comfortable design and shape, the reclining feature allows you to move back and lock your seat at any angle you prefer from 90-155°

5. Furmax Racing Style High-Back Gaming Office Chair

  • Anti-scratch smooth-rolling casters
  • Beautiful and durable carbon fiber leather seat
  • The reclining feature can be stiff

Key Features:

  • Furmax making it the second time on this list of best gaming chair under 100 dollars should tell you everything about them as a reliable chair manufacturer
  • This one has a 300-pound maximum weight capacity, giving more options to people who fall in that category
  • Apart from the 90-180 degree recline option with a lock, the chair can also be rocked once locked in a certain position. However, there have been certain complaints about stiff reclining while rocking.
  • Available in multiple colors but those options can be above $100
  • The PU leather adds to the durable steel frame of the chair that gives it a straight and stable posture
  • It also has 360-degree swivel option, allowing you to move freely at your convenience
  • Finally, the adjustable lumbar support and cushion make sure your neck is as well-supported as the back. At this point it seems like a basic feature, but if you notice, all chairs do not have a headrest cushion or even adjustable lumbar support and leave your neck vulnerable to fatigue while you’re sitting.

6. OFM ESS Collection High-Back Racing Style Chair

  • Reclining back and adjustable armrest offers maximum comfort
  • Recommended for 275 lbs but can take upto 300 lbs weight
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Tough to assemble

Key Features:
● The chair got its name because it has been designed after getting inspiration from a race car chair. This one is a different chair that provides the same comfort
● The chair is recommended for 275 lbs maximum weight capacity with a strong and stable built for overall support
● The chair has integrated padded armrests and headrests to enable proper support above the neck and on the forearms
● The seat is made with contoured segmented padding for maximum comfort while you are sitting because a plain surface can be harsh for our contoured body
● The design and style gives it a luxurious feel, as intended of a race car chair
● The chair comes with 7 colors variants to choose from

7. Polar Aurora Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Sturdy and comfortable build
  • Verified 5 star-base by SGS BIFMA for 2.0mm wall pipe and 300 lbs
  • Some color variants are above $100

Key Features:

  • Race-car like PU Leather and high-density sponges are what makes the cushions so good throughout a day of play or work
  • The reclining feature goes back from 90-160 degrees making the chair easy to switch from straight to laid back whenever you like
  • The headrest, lumbar support, and the cushion all add to the reclining feature and specially designed seat support your whole body

8. Waleaf Vitesse Gaming Chair

  • 1 year free satisfaction and quality guarantee
  • Smooth movements and comfortable seating
  • The quality might differ in different color variants

Key Features:
This Vitesse chair is specifically made with the intent to improve gaming and esports experiences for the players
● The headrest and lumbar support are both made based on ergonomic design to make you comfortable throughout your time on the chair
● The high-quality PU leather adds to the overall comfort of the chair
● The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs, while the manufacturers mention it is suitable for adults, kids, and teens alike
● The chair is enabled for 360 degrees swivel with a 90-180° reclining ability, making it easy for you to move around while you are lounging in it or otherwise
● With the specifics of the chair, Vitesse is a reliable option but not just for gamers. It is ideal for everyone who wants to have a comfortable chair.

9. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Made with international standards on explosion-proof gas spring
  • After sale service
  • Curved ergonomic back
  • Not adjustable armchair

Key Features:
● Devoko is a popular name in the furniture industry, specifically in such a niche
● Enabled with 360-degree swivel rotation, this chair allows for free movement while the wheels are anti-scratch to avoid damaging the floor while you waltz
● The lumbar support and headrest pillow are nice additions to support the neck and head while you are busy playing your favorite game
● The gas spring allows for adjustable back height that makes it easy to adjust the chair according to your preference
● The leather for the seat is breathable and comfortable to spend long hours in

10. BestOffice High Back PC Gaming Chair

  • Durability
  • Easy to assemble and not sensitive to use
  • Might not be suitable for taller folks

Key Features:
● Another BestOffice option in the list to remind you that they are experts in manufacturing these kinds of products
● The maximum weight capacity recommended for it is 250 lbs
● The seat is again sturdy with a heavy cushion, lumbar support, and headrest pillow to balance the back, neck, and head
● The PU leather material allows for a premium and comfortable feel that makes the experience of sitting around the chair more relaxing than any other surface you might sit on
● The unique shape is also a result of the ergonomic design that is made to heighten your comfort while you sit and work/play
● With a 100% guarantee, the chair is made for durable use, lasting a long time

Final Words

This concludes our own list for the best gaming chair under 100 dollars. While it is a comprehensive study of what we thought were the best options in this price range, you should do your own bit of research. It will only make your decision easier once you have nailed down your top choice.

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