Being good at anything comes with its perks and challenges. Whether you are an artist or a gamer, new accessories and tools are always exciting because they help you get better at what you do. But these accessories do not always come at reasonable prices, therefore finding, say, the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars, is quite a hunt.

Whether you are a fresh gamer in the field or an experienced fellow, you cannot deny how a keyboard for a gamer is what a paintbrush is to an artist. Your experience as a gamer depends on how well you equip yourself in terms of these resources. There are other aspects and tools that you require for your great gaming experience but today’s focus is on keyboards specifically.

Many people don’t know how beneficial a gaming keyboard can be just because of a few technical specifications. If you are using your old computer keyboard to play video games, you might want to consider making a switch. There are specific high-end gaming keyboards that have very specific controls that let you do much more than you could even think with a normal keyboard.

There are keyboards for bigger budgets but those are for people who can afford to spend a great chunk of money on them. There is, however, a reasonable side or rather an inexpensive side that lets you enjoy good accessories without having to spend your savings on them. But firstly, you need to be sure a gaming keyboard can be so much better for your overall gaming experience. Therefore, here are a few reasons why a gaming keyboard can be much better for your gaming experiences:


You might have noticed glowing keyboards or neon lights filtering out of keyboard keys in pictures of gamers or designers. Well, those are backlights that keep the keyboard illuminated.

They have a very specific purpose of allowing you to see the keys in any kind of lighting. Depending upon your mood and your room’s lighting can really differ from bright to dark if you like to play in the dark for ambiance-related reasons. There are some gaming titles such as in horror or thriller that can be enhanced with the proper dark lighting. If you have a backlit keyboard, your experience while playing will be something else.

And if for nothing else, you can agree the backlit keyboard looks very aesthetically pleasing. You can choose and customize your lightning preference, the color can be a mirror to your mood.

Comfortable Dynamics

Gaming can be a tiring, lengthy activity that requires you to be sitting on your computer, for a while. Just as you need a comfortable chair that doesn’t tire you out, and rather helps you stay active while you sit, so is your keyboard. It might not seem like an important thing, but it can be when you are spending as much time playing games as you have free time. A comfortable keyboard has swift keys, comfortable shape, and is adequately sized to make your entire gaming time comfortable. It saves you from a strain on your fingers and wrists even if you play all night.


Macros are definitely not a must-have or even present in every gaming keyboard, but they can improve your gaming experience a lot. Macros are basically some keys in a row or more which you can customize to perform your preferred tasks in a game. It might be the coolest update we have gotten in those types and command machines.

What is great is that you can specify the keys to perform different things in different games and it automatically performs those when you play either. This makes your play so much easier and more enjoyable as you can use it to your advantage however you like.

Mechanical Keys

Another basic yet important difference is getting mechanical keys in the keyboard. Some keyboards noticeably have membrane keys which is not a bad thing in itself, but for an engaging activity such as gaming, you require a more swift keyboard. It helps give you an advantage over your game enemies by making your moves easier and fluency.

Custom Control Pads

This is a rather specific and less commonly found feature but some keyboards feature a custom controls pad. It is an entirely different keypad with functions mirroring the WASD keys. A character-based game can do so well with a custom controls pad. It allows you to take control of the entire tasks of your character with expert ease, with your entire focus on those specific keys instead of picking your keys from the keyboard’s crowded keys.

These were all the very specific reasons why and how a gaming keyboard makes your entire experience so much better. Now moving onto some suggestions and objective assessment of keyboards you can buy under $50.

  • Smart and elegant
  • Easy to customize backlights
  • Media control buttons
  • Problems with keys after long use


● Logitech is at the top of this list for a reason, even though unintentionally. The company is one of the best gaming gear companies in the world
● The backlight has 5 different illuminating colors that you can use to synchronize with other Logitech devices that are LED enabled to match the color and patterns
● With a slim body for gamers to use comfortably for long hours.
● Keys are made for ultraquick, responsive standards that allow you to focus on your game rather than the device or the function of playing
● It has dedicated media controls as well, allowing you to move through your game without any disturbance if you watch to change background music specifics
● There are many added customization options that you can enable with the Logitech Gaming Software
  • Mechanical keys with variety in colors
  • Splash-free keys
  • NRKO applied
  • Stiff keys that might not be as swift


● Eagletec is another budget-friendly name in the gaming gear that allows people to have nice PC accessories without breaking the bank
● The dimensions are 17.6 x 7 x 1.1 inches, making it a comfortable sized keyboard for all the gamers
● This one is a specific suggestion for fresh gamers who are getting started in the realm of gaming because it is an easy and comfortable pick that is also affordable. It might not be competing with the high-end brands that make fancier products, but they provide appropriate features in a reasonable price bracket
● The keyboard also features mechanical keys in Outemu Blue that makes the keyboard such a good buy, even if there have been occasional complaints about stiff keys
● The backlight option comes with variants that you can pick from as you prefer
● It also features a rather brushed aluminum finish that gives it a nice texture to balance out the look and feel when you use it
● Lastly, regardless of needing a little more pressure than other keyboards in the range, the full NRKO makes up for it


  • Sturdy build yet swift to use keys
  • Spill resistant design
  • Problems with the software that works the backlighting


● Razer Cynosa is a good name in the PC gear industry, making affordable yet adequate PC accessories
● The anti-ghosting key rollover ability lets you press 10 commands at once, removing any fluency errors in case you have to type/use the keyboard really fast
● The keys are made with spill-resistant ability to protect them from any accidental spillages
● The keyboard has a 2-year manufacturer warranty with the ability to take 80 million clicks
● The keys are individually backlit to make up for a great lighting effect, of your choice as you pick the colors
● The Razer Chroma allows great personalization option for the user to connect it with many games and titles
  • Multimedia keys
  • Comes in a combo with a mouse in $50
  • Hard to press keys


● As long as the name Cooler Master Devastator is, the features of this keyboard are as simple to use and get around
● The 17.7 x 5.8 x 1.4 inches of dimensions make up for a good size keyboard for gamers to be comfortable with
● The lightweight keyboard has mechanical keys that make up for great use and are mostly okay to go around if you are not bothered by occasional instances of stiffness
● It also has specific multimedia keys to cover your music-related commands. Whether you want to skip a song, play next or switch the playlist, do it without pausing your game
● The outer body is more durable in such a budget-friendly price, making it a nice choice for both new-bees and professionals who like to have a choice/alternative
● The LED backlight is good enough for the keyboard in different settings, as it makes the keyboard lift up for your experience
● Lastly, this keyboard is available for $50 with a mouse, a great mouse too. This makes it a great choice in itself
  • Dedicated media controls
  • Spill resistant
  • Keyboard lock mode
  • Keycap material needs to get cleaned regularly


● HyperX is an expert of PC gear manufacturing, especially catering to help the gamers enjoy their experience, which is why they made the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars list
● Sturdy yet smooth to use, the keyboard is known to maintain a quiet presence while in use instead of making a constant typing noise
● Backlight is available per key that keeps the individual lights on to make sure each key is easily visible in all kinds of lighting environment
● The keyboard is accessible on PC, PS, Xbox, making it easy to attach to any of these systems with its USB wire connection
● Apart from separate and eligible keys, you have individual keys for Brightness, Lighting Mode, and Game Mode adjustment to do so with one-touch
● The Anti-Ghosting: Key rollover lets you type at your pace without worrying about slowing down to let you catch up. It is also spill-resistant and has lock mode to enable in case you want to move around and don’t want anyone to accidentally change anything on the screen
  • Wireless
  • Mechanical switch keys
  • No numpad


● Velocifire is another affordable brand to get any such gaming or PC gear in good quality
● The mechanical keys are a plus to get started. You don’t find them in cheaper options because usually they are focused on high-end keyboards to bring a premium feel
● The backlight is a basic bluish-white that is perfect for people who want it solely for the purpose of lighting and not aesthetics
● The keyboard’s dimensions are 14.4 x 5.1 x 1.1 inches that is a good enough size for gamers even without the Numpad
● Now, the Numpad is not a problem for a large number of people that don’t prefer to use it. But for those who do, might see this as a significant issue, therefore you need to make sure you are able to go without it if you are going for this option
● Lastly, if you are a person who likes to move around the keyboard without having it bound with a wire, this is a great option for you, with great battery life too
● The keyboard is a comfortable wireless option with a durable
  • Outemu Switches enable you to spare controls
  • Mechanical switches
  • Made with Fiberglass PCB
  • Problems with spacebar after long use


● This Tecware Phantom keyboard is made with Fiberglass PCB that makes it ideal for prolonged hardcore use while gaming with its mechanical keys too
● The N-key rollover allows for a great speed advantage for gamers while competing
● It has RGB Backlighting to enable you to customize the keyboard lighting as you like and enhance your experience as per your liking
● The mechanical keyboard has spare controls under Outemu switches that let you specify controls within a game for comfortable typing
● Lastly, the keyboard is found in exclusive deals with mouse or headphones for those looking to snag them all together
  • Mechanical switch keys
  • More compact in size
  • No numpad


● Redragon is a particularly reasonable brand that is known for its budget-friendly gaming gear.
● There is hardly any other keyboard or brand offering a keyboard that is hardly $30 and features mechanical keys. Although there are different qualities in it, just the basic mechanical switches can do wonders for your game
● The compact structure of the keyboard is also what some gamers might prefer, as the keys are less spread out.
● Having no Numpad can be a problem only if you are a frequent user and are used to the separate number keys. But not everyone is, and you still have the number above the alphabets, and more space saved.
● The K552 model has a few variants that offer different backlighting options to choose from. The most liked among them is the red one, but it depends entirely on you to choose
  • Ergonomic design
  • Mechanical keyboard with shortcut keys
  • Limited LED customization
  • Louder while in use


● The E-Yooso Z-88 is a great choice due to its cheaper version of Cherry’s design that might not be the same quality but is still a great buy in this price
● The RGB Backlighting has 14-mode preset availability giving you plenty of options to customize the colors
● The durable keyboard is compatible with Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows VISTA
● The ergonomic design is to make its use most comfortable, while the shortcut keys are to allow easy access to commands with the use of one key
● All in all while not that subtle when in use, the keyboard is a great option in this price range and its abilities
  • Customizable backlight
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Macro keys included
  • Membrane/rubber keys that are not usually preferred


● There are many reasons why this could be your best pick, and one of them is the company Corsair itself. They make effectively great gaming gear.
● The wired keyboard that is preferred by people who do not like the recurring act of recharging batteries to work your keyboard
● The dimensions are 18.9 x 6.6 x 1.4 inches that work well and have comfortably spaced keys for a comfortable gaming session
● It has a feature for a detachable wrist rest with rubber inserts to make it even more comfortable to keep your game on, as the kids say
● Additionally, the keyboard has media keys that let you switch and select your music, mid-game. Add to it the volume control option and your music is covered
● The RGB backlighting allows you to customize your preferred lighting whenever you want. You have the option to change both colors and patterns you want

Final Thoughts

As the best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars list concludes, make sure you research your own choices before buying the keyboard you like best. Regardless of your choice preference, all of these keyboards are great options in this price range.

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