Whether you are a competitive gamer and have a passion for gaming or someone who just enjoys playing games on your laptop in your free time; it is important to invest in a good gaming laptop for the best experience.

Without a gaming laptop, you are just missing out on the best gaming experience as a normal laptop is unable to provide that graphical gaming experience. It gives you an edge over your competitors in the game and helps you rant at the top of the scoreboard.

When it comes to gaming laptops there are tons of laptops in the market from very high to low price. This means you can easily buy a good gaming laptop without having to compromise of affordability or reliability.

Any true gamer knows that something that differentiates a gaming laptop from a normal one is the GPU or commonly known as a graphic chip.

A graphic chip is not like the integrated graphics chip that is build-in with the laptop. For gamers, a graphic chip is an important factor while buying a gaming laptop.

So what is the best gaming laptop for the money? Below we provide a list of five top gaming laptops that are reliable and also affordable to buy.

The Affordable and Reliable Dell G3 15 (2019)

For people who are a little low on budget but still want to get the gaming experience, the DELL G3 15 is the best choice. You can play almost all the games with quite a good experience.

The price range is somewhere between $700 to $1000 which is pretty reasonable for a gaming laptop. The looks are also pretty sleek and the performance is excellent for a laptop at such an affordable price.

The display is a little dull however if we take into account the other aspects this can be easily negligible. The keyboard and battery life is great if we compare it with other same price gaming laptops out there.

So for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much on a laptop, Dell G3 15 is an excellent choice.

The Beast Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

The battery life is also surprisingly long for a gaming notebook and the keyboard is click and comfortable. The fan, however, sometimes goes off even when just sitting on the desktop and this system doesn’t come equipped with a built-in webcam

In terms of battery life, the laptop does great and has a pretty long-lasting battery. The keyboard is quick and comfortable to use.

The display is very slim and sleek and the best thing the laptop is lightweight which means it could be easily carried around.

If we talk about the style it is one of its kind comes in either blue or gray color with an eye-catching minimalistic look. One downside is that it doesn’t come with a webcam which can be annoying for a few people.

The laptop has an 8-core, AMD Ryzen 4000 processor which gives the laptop an edge over its competitors because of its extraordinary and over the top performance.

This makes it an ideal laptop for not just gamers but video editors, graphic designers, content creators, 3D- modeling, and other such work. For a laptop so light, it can do wonders and the best part is not even over.

You can have all this at an affordable price which ranges between $1000-$2000. Now hang on, we admit that that’s not pretty cheap but looking at all the amazing specs that the laptop provides that’s very affordable.

The mid-range Asus TUF 15

If you are looking for a mid-range gaming laptop then this is the best option for you. The laptop has been declared great for gaming this year and uses AMD’s new 8-core APU.

In terms of performance, it works amazingly and has Zen 2 architecture. The laptop is very versatile and the battery life seems pretty unreal for a gaming laptop with such a great performance.

It has an RTX 2060 graphics to make your gaming experience 10 times exciting.

The price is something that might be a little too high for some people considering there are similar priced gaming laptops in the market. However, considering all the specs and performance levels of the Asus TUF A15, it is one of its kind and reasonable.

The Lightweight MSI GS65 Stealth Thin – 15.6-inch

The laptop is quite affordable between the ranges of $1000 to $2000. You can easily carry it around because is it incredibly lightweight.

The texture is very luxurious and gives a good sturdy feel. The performance is incredible and the only thing missing is the G-syn. However, for the price this cheap it’s a pretty good steal

When it comes to specs and designs this laptop takes the tile for being the best in the market for a long time. The battery life is pretty neat as well.

Coming to the screen size, it an inch smaller than normal gaming laptop it packs all the perks and real-estate of a normal size gaming laptop which means you are not missing out on anything when it comes to the display.

The low-price Acer Predator Helios 300 – 15.6-inch

When it comes to affordability the Acer Predator Helios 300 – 15.6-inch bags the title. You can easily buy it for under $1000 but that is not the only best thing about the gaming laptop.

The laptop is pretty sleek for its previous version with a screen of 144Hz IPS and smaller bezels. As compared to the Acer’s Predator Helios 300 this one has a bumped-up RAM of about 2666 Mhz which means it is far better in terms of performance.

The laptop has an amazing battery life as well.

Remember, the best gaming laptops aren’t always the ones that are the most expensive, and with a little research you can find out the most affordable and reliable laptops that are also not too high in your pocket.

We hope you have a better understanding of the best gaming laptop for the money.

Now it’s time to select and play.