Your gaming experience is based on a lot of factors surrounding gaming accessories. Although a lot of it is based on how well you play or how invested you are in the game, the gaming accessories also play a huge role in it. Gaming accessories, however, can be expensive as they involve high-end manufacturing and abilities. This is why we want to focus on the affordable side, wondering what’s the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars.

This hunt includes a detailed analysis of the options available out there, to assess the benefits as well as drawbacks of each product. But all of them are in the affordable range, because not every good thing has to be out of the reach of the majority. If you are someone who still uses the regular PC mouse, switching will make you realize what you are missing out on.

Gaming mice, which is a real term regardless of its hilarity, are made to endure the intense gaming environment. Among everything else that makes them a better choice when you are gaming, this one outshines all. Gaming is intense in itself, you get competitive, you want things to be fast, responsive, and ideally able to take mild assault, in case you lose. And gaming mice are manufactured to endure all that.

Before getting started on the options themselves, let’s look at the few reasons as to why a gaming mouse is better in use:

DPI Adjustments

The sensitivity on any mouse is known as dots per inch or DPI, but you probably know it if you are a tech enthusiast. Good gaming mice have DPI adjustment abilities that let you decide how smooth and how fast you want the mouse’s cursor to be.

Gaming mice often have a great 100 to 25K DPI range. Depending on your relative accessories and the game you are playing, you can easily decide your DPI to an exact measure.


Some people prefer to play with either of their hands and for that, there are many gaming mice that come with ambidextrous ability. This allows layers to use them in either of their hands, giving them an option that is completely up to a player’s comfort.


The physical wear of a normal mouse to a gaming mouse is quite different. Usual mice are not made for intense gaming, they are there for the general PC use that doesn’t necessarily need to be durable. The basic use of a mouse with a PC is just regular clicking and dragging, while in a game, it can be much more. Which is why they are built differently. The durability aspect of gaming mice is much higher than regular computer mice, therefore you have chances of spending less when they last longer.

Lighting Options

A gaming mouse has lighting options that allow you to set and change the lighting on the mouse. It is an optional choice, but it makes your gaming experience better by letting you play in the dark as well.

Software Options

Some mice come with software options that allow you to change or adjust the lighting, check the battery in case it’s wireless, reprogram the button, create macros, adjust DPI among other things. Software options are great to have the entire functionality of your mouse customized according to you.

Grip Styles

Lastly, gaming mice come in different styles of gripping for users depending on their way of using the mouse while playing. Mainly there are three kinds, claw, palm, and fingertip grip. As the names are very self-explanatory, the mice are used for those specific preferences by users during a game. There are suggestions that include one or more of each of these types.

Finally, we have covered the top reasons why gaming mice are better than regular ones, no onto the suggestions. These are all individual ones, with their pros and cons specific to their functionality.

  • Conventional minimalistic design
  • Big and comfortable foot pads
  • Ergonomic design
  • Confusing software


The HyperX Pulsefire is a top-tier mouse under $50, so much so that many online reviews compare it to high-end brands.
This mouse comes in a conventional package while delivering the necessary features to you.
It has a precise and calculating sensor that makes your life easier by giving no tracking issues. The 3389 is only a little better and high-resolution version of 3360 sensors.
It has generously sized foot pads, that make it comfortable for you to move your device around while tracking, keeping it completely stable.
The palm grip of the mouse is preferably more game-friendly, working well even in intense gaming sessions. The design is ergonomic which gives you no moments of tiring out or your palm/wrist hurting while using the device.
The only occasional complaint has been about the software suggested with it, which sometimes tends to confuse people. The clear solution for that beta software is to make sure you download the older version of it, which is more stable.
  • Custom buttons
  • Sustainably made
  • DPI adjustment upto 8000
  • Short cable


Many have claimed this Logitech mouse to be the ultimate cheap mouse, meaning there might be no better option in this range.
The mouse has RGB backlighting, giving you easy access to choose and change your colors as well as the pattern you like.
The DPI sensor is greatly accessible giving you the ability to go upto 8000 scales. It moves in increments of 50, so you can be specific yet keep things simple.
The mouse has two custom buttons on the inside part giving you room to customize your command on them.
The texture and material of the mouse are long-lasting and make for a good purchase even if cheap.
Lastly, for those conscious about the impact of their purchases on the environment, this one is certified as Climate Pledge Friendly.
  • Macro buttons
  • High definition optical sensor
  • Uncomfortable shape for long term use


Although there have been occasional complaints from people who found its unique design uncomfortable, it is actually made with ergonomics in mind.
The backlighting options are almost limitless with 16 million colors to choose from. The process is made easy with a specific button at the bottom of the mouse.
There are different DPI options available to choose from, 1200/2400/3500/5500/7200 DPI are the choices in default.
Macro buttons are somewhat of a luxury, not every mouse has. But it can significantly improve your experience if you choose to use them. It is so smart if you know how to use it in a game to your advantage.
The responsiveness is something many reviewers have commented on, and it’s something the manufacturers did intentionally focus on perfecting. In an intense gaming environment, you cannot take the chance of slow or incorrect accessories.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Auto shut off/sleep mode when not in use to save battery
  • Good battery life
  • Issues with scroll wheel
  • Can be less responsive far away from the computer


This VicTsing Wireless Mouse is made in an ergonomic design that is a result of a lot of data on palm sizes and patterns of use. The palm placement, finger placement, and overall shape are all made with specific data behind it
This is also a suggestion with wireless capability for people who find wired and connectivity with wires icky. We wouldn’t forget you, folks.
The wireless ability does not need any driver or software, it can get connected directly to any PC or laptop
The default DPI goes upto 800/1200/1600/2000/2400, giving you plenty of room to make amends or adjustments as per your preferences
The power required is sufficient with just 1 AA battery. Rechargeable, the batteries are easily detachable and replaceable
It also comes in 5 fun colors for people who find black or grey too boring. The mouse is actually cheap enough that you can buy different color options
Additionally, it has two side buttons that move forward/backward, to help you use them without having to move forward or scroll yourself
  • Ergonomic vertical mouse
  • Side buttons for next/previous
  • 18-month hassle-free warranty
  • Power button can be hard to press


This one is a little unique design that many usually witness for the first time, but it is a good unique design we promise
The design is an ergonomic one, called the neutral handshake that is good on the wrist and the overall arm too
The DPI adjustment goes till 800/1200 /1600 giving you different options for default tracking ability depending on what you want to buy
The mouse comes with a 1 2.4G USB receiver that is very easy to use after connecting, the programming is fluent and hassle-free
There are buttons for previous/forward that not everyone is aware of but is preferred by internet surfers who spend plenty of time on the internet
To save the waste of energy, the power automatically shuts off after 8 minutes of idle time, which is also easy to turn back on by just clicking the main buttons
The return policy allows an 18-month warranty that lets you return/change in case you are not satisfied with the product
  • Tunable weight system to adjust the weight system
  • Ultra-accurate tracking with 18,000 DPI
  • Gets slower while in long term use


Corsair could not have been left out of the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars list, because they are one of the leading manufacturers of PC equipment.
The Aluminum frame of the mouse is claimed to be durable and long-lasting even after intense gaming hours at the table.
The 18,000 DPI puts the mouse as the most advanced optical mouse by Corsair. It gives you the ultimate tracking ability to decide your mouse’s sensitivity.
The tunable weight system seems insignificant but it is extremely good for folks who would rather carry a mouseless weight, it can go as low as 97 grams to better suit your palm.
There are not 2 or 3 but eight total macros. Buttons allowing you to customize your action and get a very significant edge in your games.
It has durable Omron switches too, even though there have been complaints regarding the durability where users found the mouse to be performing slower over time.
Very specific Sniper Button that reduces your high sensitivity in crucial situations in a game, giving you an edge over your opponent.
The overall shape is also ergonomic, making it easy on your hand as you move it around all day while in between games.
  • Ergonomic design verified by top esport athletes
  • Razer chroma customizable lighting
  • Adjustable DPI upto 16000
  • Slightly over budget


Another name that might be surprising to some, because it is considered a high-end brand name in the gaming and other It equipment market. But this could also not be missed.
It is clear to us that the mouse is slightly above our dedicated budget of $50, but the premium quality is still worth it at this price.
The enhanced optical sensor allows 16000 DPI adjustments that you can choose according to your preference, with the DPI buttons easily within your finger’s reach. Additionally, it also has 450 IPS and 99 4 percent resolution accuracy.
The optimized mechanical mouse is eligible for up to 50 million clicks, with its guarantee of that durability.
The scroll wheel is a great gaming-grade tactile version, giving you smooth movement with convenient ease
The Razer Chroma lighting is customizable too, giving you open freedom to choose your preferred color
  • Premium quality
  • Upto 25,600 DPI availability
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Scroll wheel seems to tire out with use


Another Logitech entry in our list, because why not, especially the G502 HERO when it is available within $50.
The Hero 25k sensor is a great option that allows DPI adjustability to go up to 100 – 25,600.
A great feature that really makes this one stand out is the onboard memory option that allows you to save up to 5 different ready-to-play profiles in the mouse. All you save to do is select the profile from the mouse.
Additionally, there are 11 customizable buttons that you can choose to perform whatever you prefer in a game. Those buttons are your commands, and they do so what you like, ever perform differently in different titles.
There is a weight balancing option too that lets you tweak the weight of the mouse to better suit your palm and preference.
The RGB Lighting and Lightsync technology let you customize the lighting and also sync it with other Logitech tools if you are using any.
It has a 1-year warranty too, so if you don’t like the mouse within a year of use, you can always return it or complain.
  • Ergonomic design with side grips
  • Works with Alexa
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • RGB lighting software is old


Razer makes a comeback with its Basilisk, but this time within the budget price.
The mouse has 16.8 million color combinations in the customizable RGB Chroma lighting feature.
The optical sensor has the ability to go up to 6400 DPI, providing high precision for you to choose according to your preference, with dedicated DPI buttons as well.
The side button is replaceable and able to be used in intense situations when you need to reduce sensitivity while shooting.
Lastly, the ergonomic design is good enough to make your experience comfortable enough throughout the gaming session.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • On-board memory saving
  • Unstable buttons after long use


This SteelSeries Rival 3 is made with high-grade polymer to give a very close experience to a premium product.
The mechanical switches allow 60 million clicks without any hindrance.
The optical sensor allows DPI adjustability up to 8,500, letting you control your preferred sensitivity and tracking ability on the device.
The prism lighting has about 16.8 million different crisp colors that you can choose from.
It has onboard memory saving that allows users to save 5 profiles directly into the mouse ready to choose and play from.

Final Thoughts

These were all our nominees in the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars list. They’re not the best, not the cheapest ones, which is why each of them comes along with their pros and cons. Therefore, take help from this suggestion article but make your decision smartly, and after your own thorough research too.

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