Every computer and operating system has its own unique functioning and programs that render the element of variance between brands and devices, which is why it is understandable that a certain program or function may not necessarily work on the other. This is where the emulators mark their entry as facilitators and bridge the discrepancy allowing programs and apps to easily inter-play cross-functionally on other devices by allowing the host system to imitate the functions of another guest system.

As useful tools, they are most commonly utilized for the purpose of playing video games and running external software which in the normal routine are not compatible or do not function on a different device.
Apple is a giant tech company known for its quality of portable electronic devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc, and has always retained its brand individuality with limitations that allow iPhone to iPhone sharing to preserve its tradition and technological features within parameters distinct to the brand itself.

It has undeniably rendered a wholesome experience of digital usage to its consumers which is why the iPhone emulator for PC is one of the much-demanded programs people seek to enjoy a broader user experience of games, video watching, app testing (earlier available for Apple users) on their personal computers, regardless of the fact that whether you are an Apple customer or not.

These iPhone emulators replicate and mimic the basic iPhone hardware programming to facilitate the running of iOS apps (a program exclusively developed for the Apple devices) on other operating systems such as Windows and Mac computers. This relaxation tends to be the reason why the popularity of iPhone emulators is on the rise because everyone wants to test the wholesome experience of the interfaces offered by one of the leading phone companies in the world.

Popular iPhone Emulators in Use

1. iPadian

This program is one of the best iOS simulator apps for Windows that brings together the whole ‘Apple Ecosystem’ of an iPad onto your PC and that too cost-free. It is compatible with Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 and requires the Adobe Flash Player for full functioning.
This emulator brings on to your desktop a virtual setup of the Ipad interface with shortcut icons on the desktop. This tool also features the App store that allows you to download all needed apps. However, not many tools can be used with it.
Some of the featured highlights of the emulator include:
● Custom App store
● Social chat
● Games
● Free videos and music
● Webkit browser
● Standalone Adobe air application and much more

It can also run on Linux and Mac.

2. Appetize.io

This iPhone emulator is a cloud-hosted program requiring no extra installation on your computer and is compatible with Windows 10. It is one of the easiest to use and allows you to access the Apple features ranging from the iPhone 5 series to the iPhone 11, and also extends the option of selecting the OS version ranging from iOS 10 to iOS 14.

It is uploaded as a .zip or .targ,qz file while also giving the user a free hand to embed the simulator apps in the HTML coding with the help of iframes.

Meant mainly for the developers, this has certain limitations as you cannot install just any app on the emulator but will need a public key. In general, this emulator offers a free period which you can extend via payment. The offered packages include the free trial which grants a total of 100 minutes per month for one user. The basic Appetize.io package gives a limit of 500 minutes per month of usage for at least 20 concurrent users.  The unlimited user package comes in the premium offer which grants 2,000 per month.

3. Air iPhone Emulator

As an Adobe AIR application, this emulator requires the Air framework to function properly. Its paramount intent is to replicate the graphical interface of the iPhone mobile and deliver usage to developers for pre-reviewing their drafted work. 

Another great feature is that apart from allowing you free access to enjoying games and watching videos, it also offers the facility of making and receiving incoming calls. Furthermore, all app store applications can be operated via this emulator.

Nevertheless, it has minor limitations in that it does not function fully in its replica version on certain web browsers such as Safari which is possible on an iPhone itself.

4. Smartface

Reigning amongst the most popular and easy-to-use iPhone emulators for PC and Windows, the Smartface is a new generation iPhone emulator for PC that mimics any virtual iOS environment.
It includes the debugging option for enhanced flexibility and management of programming with plugins meant to endorse the Smartface apps. It ideally helps in building and testing iOS apps across platforms.

5. MobiOne Studio

A program is specifically a Windows-based tool developed for providing the experience of cross-platform mobile apps. Its best versions include 2.3, 2.0, and 1.5.

A major plus of the emulator is that it provides a hitch-free gaming experience – something that tends to increase user experience and liking for the program all the more and increase the rate of popularity.

Apart from uninterrupted gaming and video watching experience, this emulator also allows quick and easy development of cross-functional apps within no time at all.

With all that said, it has a certain downside too. Foremost, getting hold of the skill to use the program is something that requires patience. Unlike other free iPhone emulators, the MobiOne Studio offers only a 15-day free trial after which payment for usage is required.

6. Xamarin Remoted IOS iPhone Emulator

This is one of the iPhone emulators that generously works on PC allowing you to create iOS apps. However, for full functional features on Windows, it needs the support of a Mac computer.

The Xamarin plugin endorses enterprise software applications and comes at a cost of about $99 per month. It allows complete debugging on Windows of IOS applications within Visual Studio Enterprise.

It comes with many features such as the triggering action, shakes gesture, rebooting, etc which you can avail by right-clicking anywhere in the replica window and selecting from the menu of options that display up.

7. TestFlight

The TestFlight emulator for PC works efficiently with most versions of the Windows operating systems. This Apple product makes it easy for app developers to pitch in, valuable feedback on their crafted apps and programs before launch giving ample time to modify any shortcoming. Public invitation links are disseminated to test users for this purpose.

A record of all the crash logs, feedback and other data regarding the testing app is maintained by Apple.

8. Corellium

A different PC iOS emulator is Corellium, which is typically used by cybersecurity experts to run a replicated iOS device in the browser. Because Corellium was founded by founding members of the iPhone jailbreak movement, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.

Until recently, Corellium’s iOS virtualization software was only accessible to businesses using it, but now anybody can access and use it. Though it’s tough to get your hands on the gadget since Corellium does not want it in the wrong hands.