One of the best ways to multiply your savings; is to invest them in the stock market. This is the easiest and best way to build long-term wealth with a solid growth perspective. It is always advised to look at the market contenders which are performing well and have been in a stable position for quite some time.

Here are the portfolios of some of the most sought-after contenders which promise an illustrious future in the stock market. Have a look and decide if you will be willing to take a chance and invest in their shares.


Starbucks is one of the most sought-after beverage companies in business and is going nowhere. The company was also impacted by the pandemic but it was one of the few companies which reverted to its feet after witnessing the first setback due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Starbuck’s recent market value topped $126 billion and the company is already operative at almost 33,000 locations worldwide. The plan is to expand its operational sites to about 55,000 locations by 2030. Starbucks is a blooming commodity and the business is splurging already.

The mobile app of the company helped it regain the reigns of the business and minimize the devastating effect of the pandemic.


Costco is a warehouse retailer company and has branched out itself to other regions such as Europe and Japan after making itself a household name in America.

It is listed as the 14th largest company on Forbes 500 and is the third-largest global retailer. The market value recently spiked to an astonishing $148 billion while having nearly 275,000 employees.

Like any other company in the world; Costco was also challenged by the pandemic but it recovered quickly by growing its e-commerce operations to about 50% in the fiscal year of 2020. As the business increased, it also acquired a logistic company to bring the delivery service in-house as well.

Costco’s revenue rose to almost 9.3 % in the fiscal year of 2020 as the earnings crossed the mark of 9.4%.

Costco’s dividends are selling like hot cake as it grows at a rapid clip and yields only 0.85%.

This is one company that holds a strong long-term portfolio along with a promising future.

Google Parent Alphabet:

Alphabet is the parent company of Google whose stocks have grown at a healthy pace over the years. Alphabet encompasses more business in the stock market as compared to its search engine.

Alphabet also owns Google Cloud whose revenue grew to a staggering 46% during the fiscal tenure of 2019-2020 and encompassed as well.

The company owns Google Play Store, a relatively new smart thermostat-maker Nest and Fitbit along with many other things.

It is one of the richest companies on the face of the earth; as its market capitalization soars to a mighty $1.4 trillion.

It will be your safest bet to invest.