Many people are intimidated by stock investment because they are unaware of the market and how it works. Online trading platforms are a way for you to learn more about the stock market and trading without being there physically. The best online trading platforms are those that not only ease the investment process for you but help you in different ways as well. Let’s look at some of these platforms.

1TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the most popular platforms among users due to its humongous customer-centric approach. It not only provides you with the vital tools that you need for investment online, but it also teaches you how to carry forward the process. On top of that, the competitive prices for the innovative tools is a win-win.

2Interactive Brokers LLC

(IBKR) or Interactive Brokers is also an important online platform that helps people track global investment trends. It helps you to be able to trade equities, options, and futures throughout the world at very reasonable prices. They are also considered an inexpensive option for those who are not too sure about paying large brokerage fees. They keep working towards bringing innovative options such as their new ESG research and tools that landed during 2020. But you will be able to reap most benefits if you are or want to be an active and institutional investor.


TradeStation claims to help its investors and traders in finding their financial edge through investment options. Their brokerage service has received multiple awards for its ability to empower its customers fully. Trade stocks, ETFs, futures, options, or crypto are just some of the tools they deal in. All in all, they want to bring you a holistic platform that backs you up with analytical market research in your financial decisions.


This best online trading platforms list cannot be completed without Tastyworks. It is a platform that majorly focuses on providing its customers the freedom to make their own financial decisions. Tastyworks is a platform that believes in transparency and reliability for their customers because they believe they can turn around the financial workings of the industry by empowering the investor/trader to make the calls.

5Charles Shwab

Charles Shwab is another customer-oriented platform that provides in more than one way. Their key areas of the solution address managing and trading your investments, getting automated investing and professional guidance, and planning and investing with an advisor. They promise a guarantee on their service, even though their satisfaction ratio is already quite high. Other than that, 24/7 support is another one of their major features.

Among all the best online trading platforms you still choose and decide your preferred platform to trade, because preferences are subjective from person to person.