Although checks have proven to be an integral part of numerous financial decisions, they can also end up being a major hindrance in the way of your work. Blank checks can be finished in a jiffy, which will leave you with a new order that costs a heavy sum. Nowadays, people have started to order their checks online.

With time, this process is starting to become the new normal. If you’re wondering about who sells the cheapest checks online, we have compiled a comprehensive overview that encompasses pertinent information on the process.

Is the process safe?

Since seniors are so used to the idea of obtaining checks through banks or intermediaries, an online process to do the same seems daunting. Your bank may seem like the best place to order checks, but calling for them online is safe.

Additionally, ordering online allows you to cut back on extra costs and in turn, save money of your own. When ordering checks online, you just need to verify if the site being used is authentic. The question that may arise: How would you know which company is safe?

To answer your question, we have linked some of the authentic websites which can be used to order checks online easily and at a much lower cost.

Who Sells the Cheapest Checks Online?

Checks in the Mail

Verified and tested, this site offers a wide variety of check styles at reasonable rates. The ordering process is also smooth and hassle-free, ensuring an experience of another kind. While browsing through the Check in the Mail site, be on the lookout for discounts or any other valuable offers. From basic to premium, the site allows you to get many checks easily.


One of the most reasonable places to order checks online, Vistaprint engages in a process of printing checks for bargain prices, thus helping save money to a great extent.  Although the ordering process may be a little tedious and time-consuming, the deals offered by Vistaprint are worth it all. For 25 checks, you will have to pay approximately $2.99. Plus, the site offers a bunch of different discount codes that can further reduce your paying amount.

Checks Unlimited

Known for maintaining secure business practices, there is nothing that falls above Checks Unlimited. The Balance, a credible source has stated that Checks Unlimited has obtained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, the ordering process is also simple and supported by a guarantee from the company itself.

Offering a range of checks, a typical box of checks from the site will be priced around $22.99.

Bradford Exchange

Well trusted by the general public, Bradford Exchange is a renowned online check institution. Not only does it have over 800 designs for a check, but also has a policy of giving out checks at lowered prices. Bradford Exchange is a trusted institution and you can always lean on them for providing a safe check ordering procedure.

For 120 basic checks, you may expect to pay about $19.99.

So, who sells the cheapest checks online?

The information highlighted above sheds light on some of the most renowned websites, which offer checks at a reasonable rate. Hence, if you want to buy a check online, just browse through these websites and order what seems suitable for your needs. Rest assured; you will be used to the process in no time.