The ongoing pandemic has proved a challenging situation for digital nomads who travel the world for working remotely. Following that, the United States has seen the worst Covid-19 outbreak compared to any other territory in the world. Reported by the John Hopkins University that almost 36.6 million active cases and 621,253 deaths have been registered as of August 15th this year.

Still, the US active cases of Covid-19 is estimated at 40,981 people, whereas, the 7-day average is estimated at 34,499 as of 25th August. Despite the efflux in the Delta variant, US nomads are looking to explore the other side of the world. Certainly, this is the case because they have got the news that 110 countries have unrolled the welcoming mats for them and the traveling restrictions are somewhat lifted as well. But they may have to face some things like inoculations and other traveling precautions. Plus, if the federal is likely offering $100 for getting jabs, why would Americans hold back themselves from getting one. 

What to look for before planning a trip?

The borders opened for Americans include Iceland which already has allowed US citizens as of 6th April 2021 and the same was done in Greece on 19ht April. As of June 9th, France opened its airspace for fully vaccinated travelers, Spain did on June 7th, and Denmark on June 5th, 2021.

So what’s open for US travelers? Some countries with traveling restrictions are mentioned below for reference. With varying levels of quarantine and testing requirements Central America, Mexico, and many islands of the Caribbean Island have opened for travelers to visit. Where there’s no requirement of quarantine and even testing while entering the territory includes Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, but they need pre-traveling tests.

Sadly, many South American countries like India are still the hotspots of COVID-19. Therefore, if you’re looking to visit this region of the world, think twice! Other opportunities to look for include French Polynesia and England. This states that Europe has opened to welcome Americans.  Also, the US travel industry has been affected the most which have devastated the economy and American jobs.

Ensure that you read all the restrictions for US citizens before planning your trip. Plus, consult someone from (CDC) – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Embassy website, and US State Department beforehand.

Without letting you wait for more, let’s jump straight to the details with the name of the countries with open doors as of Aug 27th, 2021 along with some traveling restrictions for Americans.

Countries opened for Americans


According to the Albania US Embassy, no COVID test or quarantine time is required for the Americans. Albania govt. has lifted all the COVID restrictions. But the visitors may need to take a health screening at the airport. If the passenger has temperature or symptoms of COVID, then he may require to undergo a govt. quarantine and further testing. The US embassy in Albania also suggested remaining prepared in advance while they leave the US for any instant travel restriction.


Anguilla allows only travelers with 100% vaccination and a negative PCR test taken 3-4 days ago while you travel to Anguilla. Possibly you may need to go through an additional test at the time of your arrival at the airport with no extra charge. Travelers are limited to their accommodations until they get the negative results taken at the airport, which takes less than 12 hours to appear. Unvaccinated minors and women with pregnancy are required to have RT-PCR tests after 4 days of their arrival at Anguilla.


At the arrival, you should be fully vaccinated and a negative PCR test 3-4 hours ago to show at your arrival. Passengers arriving without vaccination would be charged $40 for testing at arrival. Face masks should be in place at all public transportation and in public spaces. Violation of any restriction can cost a fine of $19.


 No matter when you got your vaccination, you have to have a Bahamas Health Visa beforehand. Based on the length of your stay, a Health Visa can cost you around $40 – $70. Plus, on applying for the health visa prior, you may need to have negative pre-travel tests records to put details online. For non-vaccinated travelers, a test will be required at the arrival and 14-days govt. quarantine with the symptoms. Violations of face masks can cost you a fine of up to $1,000.


Barbados have opened their borders for travelers from 12th July 2020. 24-hours before you arrive in Barbados, you have to fill an online immigration form.  Unvaccinated travelers have to take PCR tests at the time of arrival. Travelers with more than two weeks of their vaccination must show proof that they haven’t traveled to the hot spots of COVID-19 like Brazil, India, and South Africa at arrival. Hotels are open but Hotel Restaurants will serve for room service only.

The British Virgin Island

On Dec 1st, 2020, the British Island reopened officially for tourism with the restricted protocols. Which includes a negative PCR test at arrival. Register at BVI Gateway before at least 2 days before traveling. Get valid BVI health insurance as of May 15th, 2021. 


 International flights for non-Columbians resumed on Sept 21, 2020. Many hotels, businesses, and other public places can be visited with face masks on and safety restrictions in place. Americans can travel for tourism to Columbia, where seven other cities like Bogota are now open to welcome tourists. However, in April and May 2021, Columbia was high at risk of COVID – 19 with record cases and deaths, despite lifted traveling limitations, visiting Columbia is not advised.

Other countries Open for Americans include:

  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Aruba
  • Armenia
  • Bahamas
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Bermuda
  • Belize
  • Benin
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Cape Verde
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Curacao
  • Chile
  • Cyprus
  • Goban
  • Honduras
  • And 88 others