Metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, and Dallas are very well known, not only in America but all around the globe.  However, it cannot be denied that because of the popularity of these massive cities, smaller towns in America often get ignored. Though these small towns may not offer the hustle bustle which is peculiar to big cities, they too have a lot to offer, especially in the form of being ideal vacation destinations.

We have shortlisted five of the best small towns in America that have a population of less than 15,000 people each. Let’s see what makes each one of them special.

1Hudson, New York

Just a 2-hour drive from the busy city of New York, Hudson is a small town known for its historic architectural designs. It’s an ideal destination for antique lovers because it has many stores selling these collectables. In this small town you will find anything from mid-century furniture to vintage clothing and household items. However, if shopping is not your thing, do not worry because this town has a lot more to offer. You can find hiking trails at the Greenport Conservation Area, which will take you to the Crimson Leaf Alpaca Farm, or you may choose to visit music venues like Club Helsinki Hudson.

2St. Augustine, Florida

Just the fact that St. Augustine is the oldest city in America is a good enough reason to visit it. It offers historic attractions like Fort Matanzas and unique museums like Lightner Museum. However, St. Augustine is not just a place for history buffs. Being at less than half an hour’s drive from Ponte Verda, known for housing the Association of Tennis Professionals and The Players Association, it is a perfect vacation spot for sports lovers. St. Augustine also has many golf courses and tennis resorts.

3Grand Marais, Michigan

Despite having a population of less than 1,500 people, Grand Marais still manages to attract a lot of tourists. Most people visit Grand Marais in the summers when it offers the opportunity for various outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and sailing. However, there are many visitors who visit this town, especially during the winters. This is because Grand Marais is one of the very few places in America where it is possible to see the Northern Lights.

4Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish is situated near Glacier National Park making it an ideal vacation destination for any adventure lover. It serves as an ideal location for anyone who wishes to explore the glaciers, meadows, mountains, and lakes located in the park.  The mountain resort located in this town offers activities throughout the year. During summers, visitors may choose to bike, hike or zipline, whereas in winters they can enjoy skiing on the 3,000 skiable acres of land.

5Mackinac Island, Michigan

What makes Mackinac different from all other towns on our list is the fact that cars, except emergency vehicles, are not allowed in this town. This means that the best way to explore this place is either by foot or by riding a bike. Traveling in a horse carriage is also an option. When in this town, the must-visit historic locations include Fort Mackinac, and don’t forget to try local dishes like Mackinac Island fudge.

These interesting insights about five of the best small towns in America prove that each place, be it a small town or a large city, has a unique charm that differentiates it from the rest.