As an American, you are bound to love the succulent taste of beef jerky. Beef jerky has come a long way from artificial ingredient meat sticks and leathery steak strips found in different convenience stores around the country. From teenagers to grown adults, the love for the flavorful snack remains unparalleled. Having a much more enhanced flavor than uncured meat, beef jerky is a ready-to-eat, high protein item that carries immense popularity in the 21st century.

Due to its ever-increasing vogue, beef jerky is widely available across all supermarkets in the United States. These beef jerkies are delectable and you’d be able to devour them at a reasonable price. If you wish to buy this wholesome snack from the store, here are some of the best store-bought beef jerky.

Field Trip

One of the most well-known beef jerky brands around town, Field Trip was the resultant product of three men who were exasperated by the proclaimed concept of beef jerky. Although it was claimed to be a “good snack”, the only available options in the market were infused with a ton of processed meat and chemicals.

With this falsified “good snack” being sold everywhere, the three guys invented a beef jerky of their own. The result was a high protein jerky made of 100% grass-fed beef, without any added chemicals or extra preservatives.

Additionally, Field Trip uses pineapple and apple juice to add a tinge of sweetness to the meat, instead of traditional refined sugars. Thus, Field Trip has established itself as one of the best store-bought beef jerky. With four different flavors available, the beef jerky can be your go-to snack.

Stryve Beef Biltong

If you’re looking to consume a healthy treat, the Stryve Beef Biltong is one of the most ideal options out there! Not only is it readily available in stores throughout the country, but also serves masses of tasty beef jerky in several different flavors.

Packed with protein and a sugar content close to zero, the Stryve Beef Biltong is one of the purest beef snacks you will ever taste. This beef jerky may be much smaller in size, but that doesn’t stop it from being flavorful and delicious. 

The Stryve Beef Biltong is undoubtedly some of the best store-bought beef jerky. When you visit the store next time, check the rack for beef jerkies and pick your favorite flavor. If you love spice and all things nice, the Peri-Peri flavor is meant for your tastebuds. Whichever flavor you choose, the beef will be delicious.

Country Archer All-Natural Beef Jerky Original

With a passion for creating a healthy beef jerky, Country Archer goes the extra mile to curate the best hand-crafted jerky of all. The process for making the beef jerky for Country Archer is fairly simple: Make use of the best quality ingredients, exclude preservatives and artificial additives, and viola- a bag of hand-crafted beef jerky is ready. If you’re still wondering how the Country Archer product falls under the list of best store-bought beef jerky, here’s what you’re missing out on

Beef jerky may be a true treat, but it usually involves soy sauce in its making. For people who don’t have preferences, that may not be much of a big deal. However, for those looking to eat gluten-free, this ingredient may be more than a problem.

But, to all those leading gluten-free lives, Country Archer cares for you. Its beef jerky is completely free of gluten as the company incorporates tamari in the recipe and leaves soy sauce out of it completely. What a relief, no?

Tillamook Country Smoker Zero Sugar Original Beef Jerky

As stated above, most beef jerky brands may have large sugar content and preservatives that harm the health. For those not watching out on their diet, this may be a no-brainer. However, people who are extremely mindful of the sugar they consume can lose out on such a tasty treat.

But that may not necessarily be the case anymore. With Tillamook, sugar watchers can take a go at the jerky strips, meat sticks, and smoked sausages without any fear. Not only does the company have an entire line of zero sugar dried meat products, but it also skips the carbohydrate content in the snacks it provides.

If this wasn’t good news enough, here’s a little more to know about the Tillamook beef jerky. The special beef jerky strips are available in an array of flavors and contain no added MSGs or nitrates. Thus, next time you are craving a pack of beef jerky, visit your nearby store and buy Tillamook’s products. Rest assured; you won’t be disappointed.

Your Pick?

These were detailed reviews of some of the best beef jerkies in stores. Of course, numerous other brands are also readily available in markets. You can choose your favorite pick according to your preferences. Just be sure to read all details before buying the pack of beef jerky. Once you have, indulge in the unmatchable goodness of the beef and relish the taste- it’s one of a kind.