With ever-increasing chances of communicable diseases and other health risks associated with scarce water resources, a drastic increase has been observed in the demand for hygiene accessories like sanitizers, soaps, cotton pads, toilet papers among others.

While you may find numerous resources to find the best personal care items, you will seldom come across resources telling you about the best toilet paper brands that you can rely on. It has been observed that people usually go to a retail outlet or an online store and buy whatever toilet paper is cheap.

However, you would be surprised to find out that there are plenty of toilet paper brands that offer a huge range to meet distinctive personal hygiene needs. Here is the list of some of the best toilet paper brands that should definitely be a part of your toiletries.

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush tissue rolls are considered to be the best and strongest bathroom tissues. These absorbent and ultra-cushioned toilet rolls contain 319 3- ply sheets that are flushable and safe according to the sewer system septic standards.

The luxurious and soft embossed texture of the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet papers provides the supple feeling you ever desired. These supreme quality toilet papers deliver four times more tissues from any other regular tissue sheets and that particularly means fewer rolls would be needed to change week to week. These high-quality toilet rolls are gentle on your sensitive areas and cleanse your meds leaving no residue behind.

Aria Premium

To clean up every type of mess, Aria Premium toilet papers are the only thing you need. They are effective, strong, and soft that satiate the needs of the entire family as they are larger than many available brands and offer thick premium sheets. Every roll consists of 308 sheets with 2-ply tissue material which is biodegradable.

They are easily flushed without putting you in hassles of blockage and making you responsible for hurting the environment. The cheapest of all, you can get the single piece of this desirable roll for just $16, which is indeed a great value for money. Many customers rely on Aria premium toilet rolls considering them a durable product that doesn’t leave lint.

Charmin Essentials Soft

A super plush toilet paper 2-ply sheet material, Charmin Essentials Soft is a tried and tested consumer product that is equipped with relatively strong construction. It delivers high-quality sheets that do not crumble while being used around wet areas.

These toilet papers can perform really well whether you use them to wipe up the mess or clean your running nose. They are too functional because of their smooth and soft texture. With just $15 you can have these durable and unquestionable absorbent tissue rolls with 200 sheets per roll. Consumers recommend Charmin Essentials tissues due to their unclogging and no lint features.

Great Value Ultra Soft

Whenever you wish to offer yourself an extra favor, Choose Great Value Ultra Soft toilet paper as you will have a great value every time against your bucks. Due to the ultra-soft qualities and durability, the brand competes with the other high demanded brands like Charmin. The tissues consist of 2-ply smooth layers making the experience pleasurable every time you use them. That means it is reliable and absorbent and has the ability to wipe up the whole big mess without using half of the roll.

The smooth layers do fall right on the sewer system septic standards having approx. 165 sheets per roll. Furthermore, you will get the roll for just $10 which is quite an affordable option as compared to other products having the same quality and features. Consumers say that the tissue is less effective once completely wet but it is a good trade against the price for normal bathroom purposes.


These luxuriously loveable toilet paper brands are exclusively available online and in stores. To keep your family and yourself safe and hygienically clean, do use available hygiene resources to shun the possibility of getting affected by any disease.