Without a Wi-Fi connection, our mornings are incomplete. In a time where a secure and fast Wi-Fi connection is so important, just imagine, you have to meet an urgent deadline, and your Wi-Fi connection breaks. Well, this could be due to a myriad of reasons and one of them could be your router being too far away from you for effective signals to reach you. And this is why Wi-Fi extenders exist in today’s market.

Regardless of whichever network provider you have, be it one of today’s top network providers, Xfinity, you will need the best WiFi extender for Xfinity to maintain a secure connection all over your house. Especially if you live in a huge mansion or your house is divided into multiple floors.

Other than huge mansions, or big houses, even if you live in a 2BHK apartment, and your router is placed in a different room from where you are usually using Wi-Fi, you will face network drops and packet losses. Therefore, we recommend investing in a Wi-Fi extender and easing your life 2X. Before you invest in a Wi-Fi extender, here are a few things that you should look for.

Things to look for before Buying a Wi-Fi Extender

When looking for the best Wifi extender for Xfinity, ask these important questions from yourself before you make a purchase.

1. What is the range of the Wi-Fi Extender?

The whole reason for finding a Wi-Fi extender is to increase the range of your Wi-Fi so that when you are using it around your home, you don’t have to face any lag or network issues. This is why the range matters the most. You won’t have to pay huge sums to get a good range of Wi-Fi extender for your use.

In today’s market, a primary Wi-Fi extender, that has a range between 1200 to 5000 sq. ft., is available at your disposal and under your budget. If you are looking for a WiFi extender for Xfinity, then do check our top Wi-Fi extenders for Xfinity, you may find your best choice.

2. What is the bandwidth capacity of the Wi-Fi Extender?

If you were thinking that getting a Wi-Fi extender with a better range will cure all your network issues, then you were wrong. You also need to have a Wi-Fi extender that has either the same or more bandwidth capacity as your primary router to provide you with a seamless internet connection all over your house. However, the bandwidth capacity you opt for depends upon the reason for your purchase.

If you are purchasing a Wi-Fi extender for smart devices like smart LEDs, then a normal bandwidth Wi-Fi extender will do the deed for you. In case you are purchasing it for content streaming devices, such as your smartphones, smart TVs, laptops etc. then you will have to purchase a Wi-Fi extender that has maximum bandwidth. Well, this won’t only help you operate these devices easily, but it would also come in handy for future upgrades.

The basic Wi-Fi extenders have a bandwidth speed between 3mbps and 1200mbps. But if your Wi-Fi router has a larger bandwidth, then a Wi-Fi extender with either 2000mbps or 30000 mbps bandwidth would help you out.

3. How many devices can you connect on a Wi-Fi Extender?

Checking the limitation of connected devices on a Wi-Fi extender is equally important as the aforementioned two pointers. When you are purchasing a Wi-Fi extender, check how many devices you will need to connect to it. For example, if you have just 2 or 3 devices to connect to your extender, then there is not much of a concern.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a Wi-Fi extender to connect more than 3 devices including your smart home system, then you will have to check the number of devices a Wi-Fi extender allows you to reach while in use. The most basic Wi-Fi extender has the capacity to connect a minimum of 25 devices at once, meanwhile for those who want more, there are Wi-Fi extenders that allow 35 devices to be connected simultaneously.

4. What frequency band does a Wi-Fi extender offer?

Last but not the least, you must also check out what frequency band a Wi-Fi extender provides that you wish to buy. Usually, almost all Wi-Fi extenders are powered to give out a minimum of 2.4GHZ speed. However, there are many other Wi-Fi extenders that can provide up to 5GHZ. While 5 GHz seems to be better than 2.4 GHz, if we talk about the range, a 2.4 GHz frequency band Wi-Fi extender can provide a good enough range for you. On the other hand, when it comes to better speed, the 5GHZ Wi-Fi extender takes the lead. Therefore, we recommend the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi extender if you want to connect the devices that need better Wi-Fi range and 5 GHZ Wi-Fi extender if you want to connect your devices with exceptional speed.

While you look at all of the above-mentioned aspects in a Wi-Fi extender before you purchase one, make sure the particular extender that fulfills all the requirements is compatible with your network service provider. In case you are looking for a Wi-Fi extender to connect with your Xfinity network, but the extender is not compatible with Xfinity, then all your money would go down the drain.

Now that we have covered the most important part that you need to know before we dive into the review of the top 4 best Wi-Fi extenders for Xfinity, let’s not waste any further time and look at our top picks.

Top 4 Best Wi-Fi Extenders for Xfinity

1. Negator EX6120

Negator is a household name when it comes to network devices. It has the most effective collection of routers and range extenders. And, Negator Ex6120 is no exception, therefore we have chosen this to be our number first.

With this amazing WiFi extender for Xfinity, you can connect over 25 devices simultaneously. Moreover, it has a bandwidth of 1200 Mbps and can cover up to 1500 sq. ft. making it the top-selling Wi-Fi extenders for Xfinity.

The Negator Wi-Fi extender comes with a dual-frequency band of 2.4GHZ and 5GHz respectively to connect all your wireless devices while providing a safe and secure network connection and speed.

Top Features of Negator EX6120

  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Wi-Fi extender with dual-band gigabit
  • Supports 25 devices simultaneously
  • Covers area upto 1500 sq. ft.  
Amazing bandwidth capacityOn the expensive side
Uses FastLane technology 
Covers good range 

2. TP-Link AC750

The second manufacturer on our list is another popular name that has an exceptional range of routers and Wi-Fi extenders. It is one of the most reliable options when it comes to buying a Wi-Fi extender for Xfinity.

The TP-Link AC750 is a compact device that offers a maximum of 700mbps bandwidth. Apart from that, it is also equipped with dual-band technology, which allows it to have both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands for a stable and secure connection. Moreover, it has the capacity of 20 devices working on it simultaneously and is also on the cheaper side, which makes it the ideal choice for many.

The Wi-Fi range that it can provide is up to 1200 sq. ft., along with that the 2.4GHZ network has a speed of up to 300mbps and 5GHZ has up to 433mbps, which is a good capacity for downloads. Apart from that, it is also equipped with OneMesh technology that brings it really close to being a flawless WiFi extender for Xfinity. On the purchase, you will also receive a two-year warranty.

Top Features of TP-Link AC750

  • Comes with two years warranty
  • Budget friendly Wi-Fi extender
  • Supports 20 devices simultaneously
  • Covers area upto 1200 sq. ft.  
  • Bandwidth capacity of 750mbps
Built with OneMesh technologyLimited device connectivity
Has dual-band network 
Wired connection through ethernet port 

3. Amazon eero

Amazon eero is one of the best devices for those who are looking for Wi-Fi extenders for their huge houses. This device will cover every inch and corner of your house. The mesh system of eero devices uses Beacon to ensure that the range of Wi-Fi reaches every corner of your house, however, for that, you would need to have an eero compatible router within your space.

Moreover, this device can take up to 100 devices simultaneously without slowing down the internet speed or breaking the connection. The tri-band technology has a separate 5 GHz network for backhaul and other 2.4GHz and 5Ghz for the connected devices.

The set-up is also very easy and takes only 10 minutes. Later you can take control of your Eero device through the eero application. Furthermore, each beacon you add will add the range of 1500 sq ft and they are equipped with 2 ethernet ports that make sure that all the connected devices get the Internet speed properly. 

Lastly, there is also a night LED in the device which enhances the overall ambiance of your home.

Top Features of Amazon eero

  • Comes with built-in night time LED
  • Tri-band system
  • Supports 100 devices simultaneously
  • Covers area upto 1500sp.ft  
  • 2 Beacon ethernet ports
User friendly set-upOn the expensive side
Amazing performance when it comes to speed and rangeRequires eero compatible routers to work
Built-in led lights 
Comes with 2 ethernet jacks 

 4. TP-Link AX1500

When it comes to TP-Link, this is one of the most reliable companies for Wi-Fi routers and extenders according to users and reviewers. The second TP-Link device included in this list would tell you about how much we are impressed with this company.

If you are looking for an optimum device that does not compromise and have the budget to spend on this particular requirement, then we highly recommend this device. The TP-Link AX1500 Wi-Fi extender comes equipped with a dual-band range and dual high-gain antennas to make the device more powerful. If you want to set up your Wi-Fi extender away from your primary router, you can place it without any hesitation because of these powerful antennas.

Apart from that the TP-Link AX1500 has 300mbps speed on 2.4GHZ and can hike up to 1200mbps on the 5GHZ network. Other than this, you will also not have any problem connecting multiple devices because TP-Link AX1500 lets you connect 25 devices at a time. It also comes with OneMesh technology and with two years of warranty.

Top Features of TP-Link AX1500

  • Comes with two years warranty
  • Comes with dual-band range extender
  • Supports 25 devices simultaneously
  • Covers area upto 1500 sq. ft.  
  • Bandwidth capacity of 1200mbps
Good warranty periodOn the expensive side
Equipped with two high gain antennas 
Gigabit ports available 

FAQs When Buying a Wi-Fi extender

1. What is the best place to keep a Wi-Fi extender?

The best place for your Wi-Fi extender is in the dead zone area where there are network issues. However, ensure that your extender is placed near the primary router for the best and seamless network connection. Moreover, also ensure that there are no obstacles blocking the router and the extender from in between.

2. Does the Wi-Fi extender slow down the internet connection?

Whenever your internet network connection is passed through a device it will slow down your internet a bit. For example, when you are using Wi-Fi directly from the router you get a better internet connection than using Wi-Fi, through someone else’s 4G. Similarly, the internet connection will slow down but it would be negligible. However, choose a Wi-Fi extender that has the same bandwidth or more than your primary router to avoid this issue.

3. What is the ideal bandwidth capacity of a Wi-Fi extender?

The ideal bandwidth of a Wi-Fi extender depends upon you and your requirements. Choose a device that has better or at least similar bandwidth as your primary router. Moreover, we recommend getting a gigabytes Wi-Fi extender, because even though its gigabyte feature may not be used for you at the moment, you will find it helpful when you need to make the upgrade in the future.

4. What Wi-Fi extender works best with Xfinity?

If you are looking for the best Wi-Fi for Xfinity, then without a doubt, the Amazon eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system would work best. It is a single device with three top features – the eero pro, the customizable eero beacons that not only work as a Wi-Fi router but also work as an extender and internet booster as well.

5. How to boost Wi-Fi signal?

There is an easy-to-follow routine that will boost your Wi-Fi signals, follow these steps:

  • Update your router regularly
  • Place your router where it can get good signal strength
  • Don’t forget to use the antenna
  • Invest in a Wi-Fi extender
  • Make use of an alternate speed option
  • Connect a high bandwidth device via an ethernet port
  • Make use of the Wi-Fi name from the home network
  • Always confirm your wireless connection


At this time, where Wi-Fi is like air to us, we cannot afford lost Wi-Fi connections at any cost. The routers provide the best Wi-Fi, but still, they may not be able to cover the whole area of the house and may leave some places a dead zone, where the signal strength wouldn’t be able to reach, that is where our list including the top best WiFi extender for Xfinity comes in handy.

These budget-friendly extenders extend the Wi-Fi range and help spread the signals evenly across the area of your house, even where you did not have service before. There are many extenders available in the market that you can get. However, if you are specifically looking for the best Wi-Fi extenders for Xfinity, then the above options would come in handy. All in all, we hope that this guide helps you out and solves your queries regarding Wi-Fi extenders and helps you make an informed decision.