Betty White – The last of the Golden Girls would have been 100 today, had she been alive!

The legendary actress breathed her last on December 31, 2021 at the age of 99. Betty White passed away peacefully at her place in Brentwood, Los Angeles because of a stroke that struck her 6 days before her death.

The issue of January 10th showcased a cover photo of White while touting the secret of her illustrious career and long life, captioning it as “funny never gets old.”

Mike Trinklein and Steve Boettcher had announced a one-time screening of a special feature film regarding Betty White titled “Betty White: 100 years young – a birthday celebration”. The producer duo stated that the film screening will go on as planned. The film will be released across the country in about 900 theaters for a special one-day show to mark the historic 100th birthday of Betty White.

“My 100th birthday… I cannot believe it is coming up, and People Magazine is celebrating with me!” she tweeted on Dec. 28 in what would be her last post. 

People’s magazine released a special cover story in anticipation of celebrating the 100th birthday of legendary comedian Betty White.

Betty White challenge also gained popularity on different social media platforms to mark her 100th birthday in a special way by paying homage to one of the best comedians this country has ever produced.

Betty White challenge would see people donating to animal shelters or rescue missions, which were close to her heart.

Betty White had been recognized as an animal lover for life and she worked tirelessly to raise attention and awareness regarding the Nobel cause.

“Betty’s love for animals as she says started in the womb…. She had an uncanny way of communicating with all types of 4-legged creatures…The animals just knew through Betty’s voice and body movement that she meant no harm,” Jeff Witjas, White’s agent previously stated. “In fact, there may have been a few times she would make a funny face and the animal would show signs of smiling…. Betty always knew how to work with her audience. I plan on Betty’s birthday to do a number of personal and private things to celebrate her fabulous life.”

Betty White had been anticipating her 100th birthday but God had separate plans. She passed away just 2 weeks before her 100th. People from all walks of fame mourned her death by paying her homage and tributes n all the possible ways to showcase their love and respect.