2020 has been a historic year filled with surprises for everyone. However, the newly elected Biden administration has set a record of breaking away from the traditions within months of winning the elections.

Their first historic achievement was to select a woman of color, Kamala Harris, as the vice president of the US. Another selection was Arvil Haines, who is nominated to lead American National Intelligence, making her the first woman in this position. In addition, they have created history again by choosing Deb Haaland to run the interior department.

Deb Haaland would become the first Native American to serve as Cabinet Secretary if chosen. As soon as the news got out, the New Mexico Democrat tweeted her excitement and expressed how honored she feels to serve the nation. In her tweet, she also wrote, living with her mother in a Pueblo household, she became a fierce woman, and now she is ready to face the challenges and protect the interests of Americans.

Haaland is famous among the youth and diverse progressives. In November 2019, she got re-elected to represent New Mexico’s very first Congressional District. Although she never made any news, she stood out because of her advocacy for climate justice policies and indigenous rights.

The news about her selection was circling as a rumor for the past week. However, the celebrations started once her name was announced publicly.

Many have come forward to congratulate and share their thoughts. One of Haaland’s top advocates, Julian Brave Noisecat, who is also the vice president of Policy for Data and Progress, applauded and praised her. She said they have seen their mother and aunts suffering, but now with Haaland, they have great hopes in her leadership.

Moreover, Jonathan Nez, president of the Navajo Nation, was thrilled on hearing the news and is excited to welcome Halland. He also said that her selection is a big win for all indigenous people, and it is truly a historic and unprecedented day.

Haaland has always been an empowered woman. Before she ran for Congress in 2018, she was a single mother who flew from New Mexico to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline project. Not only this, but she also focused on making food for herself and all the people who were protesting.

All in all, Biden’s selection is becoming a road to success for American women.