Tyler Moran, a senior adviser for migration is said to be leaving the White House by the end of January. He was a key adviser to the Biden administration.

Tyler Moran had been appointed as a senior adviser this July.

“Tyler has been an invaluable member of our team since the transition and a tremendous asset in our effort to rebuild a fair and humane immigration system,” Biden’s chief domestic policy adviser Susan Rice.

According to the White House, Tyler Moran had no intentions of staying at his designated post for more than a year and she had always been commuting via plan since the time she took the post of senior adviser.

Tyler Moran replaced Amy Pope in July. The White House had stated at that time that “Amy had always intended to join the Biden administration for a short time with an expected departure in the mid-summer.”

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection data, the surge in the number of migrants at the southern border, and the repeated pressure on this burning issue by the international media as well as the opposition might have led the adviser to leave the post.

According to the data, the number of migrants who crossed the southern border in June; 189,034 surged to a whopping 213,593 in July 2021.

The number saw a slight drop in August and September but if compared with the data of past years, there has been a stark spike in the number of migrants at the southern border.

The departure of Tyler Moran is seemingly a blow for the Biden administration. He was also known as “border czar”. The border team of President Biden still hasn’t been formulated on a permanent basis as close aides continue to leave at regular intervals.

The White House did not announce who will be replacing Tyler Moran for the job of senior adviser. There are still six weeks before Moran leaves the job, enough time for the White House to find someone suitable for the said job.