With three weeks left in the presidential elections, Joe Biden and Donald Trump appeared on different national channels at the same time to discuss their views on important issues with the voters.

Initially, the debate was to be held in Miami but later, the Commission of Presidential Debates announced it would be held remotely. This decision was made since people feared the president might still be contagious with the coronavirus.

However, the debate was canceled shortly afterward when President Trump withdrew from the debate after hearing this announcement. The Biden campaign then also arranged a telecast with the ABC network in Philadelphia.

Instead of a debate, now the two candidates answered questions from the audience separately which some have said was a better form of the debate considering the chaos that ensued in the last one.

When asked about the pandemic by the moderator, Savannah Guthrie, Trump stated that his administration had done an amazing job and they have vaccines and therapies coming soon. Trump was presenting at NBC News in Miami.

Biden spoke on the matter in his telecast, claiming that the president knew how deadly the virus was but still did not make efforts that would have allowed him to better handle the pandemic.

Biden and Trump answer voter questions in town-hall style debate1Trump was also asked about QAnon, to which he responded that the only thing he knew about the conspiracy theorist group is that they are against pedophilia.

However, recently he had shared a tweet by QAnon that suggested Barack Obama had faked the killing of Osama bin Laden. A Seal Team Six member who was a part of the mission disapproved and criticized him for this.

Biden was asked to comment on the crime bill in 1994 which he had permitted. He responded, claiming that some parts of the bill were a mistake, however, the environment has radically changed since then.

The moderator also questioned him about court-packing and he replied that he was initially not in favor of additional justices, however, his views could take a turn depending on how the nomination of Amy Coney Barret is handled by the Republicans. He will make his position clear before the elections though.

Biden also spoke in favor of LGBTQ community rights, saying that they will have equal opportunities and rights as everyone if he was elected.