President Joe Biden recently spoke to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy regarding the ongoing turmoil on the Ukrainian border caused by Russian military presence. Political analysts claim vague talks and promises of peace do not convey the message for the end of the ongoing tensions on Ukraine’s border.

“I spoke with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to discuss our coordinated diplomatic efforts and reaffirm our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will respond decisively — along with our Allies and partners — if Russia further invades Ukraine.” President Biden wrote on Twitter earlier this morning.

The calls came only a day after Secretary of State Antony John Blinken told the press that the U.S. has responded to Russia’s demands in written form, after coordination with Ukraine and allies from the European region. Blinken said on Wednesday, “All told, it sets out a serious diplomatic path forward, should Russia choose it… We’re open to dialogue. We prefer diplomacy. And we’re prepared to move forward where there is the possibility of communication and cooperation, if Russia deescalates its aggression toward Ukraine, stops the inflammatory rhetoric, and approaches discussions about the future security in Europe in a spirit of reciprocity.”

President Vladimir Putin of Russia reportedly demands that Ukraine not be made part of NATO, while any military presence at Russia’s border will not be taken lightly. The United States’ response to Russia’s demands includes proposals that the countries can agree on and find common ground to fall on. It also evaluates Russia’s own concerns and how the U.S. and allies believe Russia’s strategy is rooted in promoting instability within the region.

The White House readout of the call between Biden and Zelenskyy states, “President Biden noted the United States has provided Ukraine with over half a billion dollars in development and humanitarian assistance in the last year and is exploring additional macroeconomic support to help Ukraine’s economy amidst pressure resulting from Russia’s military build-up.” White House press secretary Jen Psaki already said on Thursday before the Biden, Zelenskyy talk, that the U.S. is serious about the diplomatic ties should the Russian side be equally ready to take them up, she said, “Well, I think as you’ve heard our Secretary of State and our national security adviser and others convey, we don’t know if the Russians are playing games on diplomacy, we hope not.”