Recently Trump testing positive for the Covid-19 was a great setback to his campaign. All his countrywide campaigning got called off and delayed.

Biden stated in his recent trip to Florida that Trump views the older voters in the country as “expendable”. Biden on his visit on Tuesday to the South of Florida tried to reach the voters there. These areas contain a very high density of voters that are in Trump’s domain.
Biden addressed a crowd of 50 people in South Florida, stating how Trump dismissed the threat of COVID-19 intentionally and didn’t address the problem beforehand. His lack of efficiency cost a lot of lives and has left the country economically weak.

Biden campaigning to throw Trump off the grid

Biden is struggling hard to win the support of these voters as it would uplift his campaign and make the president’s re-election campaign look weak.
Recent polling has suggested that Democrats are ahead of Republicans.
Previously in the 2016 elections, Trump had won in the state of Florida. Biden wants to take this away from Trump in the coming elections.

A very recent poll shows a high point gap between the two presidential candidates. Biden has a lead over Trump by a massive 17 points. Biden has been able to achieve up to 57% of voters in his domain.

The voters believe that Biden would do a better job in resolving the current pandemic scenario than Trump did.

Moreover, Trump to get ahead of Biden posted a meme on Twitter recently displaying Biden in a care home. This seemed to be a very improbable move on the part of the president, as the older voters don’t approve of such tactics.

Meanwhile, during the presidential address to win over the public, he stated that Biden is the worst presidential candidate in US history. Hence, winning in the upcoming elections is necessary to safeguard the rights of the people of America.
Trump has been rallying hard to gain access to the voters he didn’t have before. This includes many of the female voters.