President Joe Biden Covid-19 coordinators Jeff Zients along with his deputy Natalie Quillian will be leaving in April.

The White House made an official announcement on Thursday that the Covid-19 coordinators of President Biden will be leaving the administration next month and will be replaced by Dr. Ashish Jha is the dean of the Brown University School of Public health.

Jeff Zients has been a known government executive and an experienced manager who was brought into administration by Joe Biden before he took the oath to devise a “wartime” federal government response and execute it also against the coronavirus pandemic.

His responsibilities included the distribution and supply of covid-19 vaccines, tests, and other therapeutics.

His departure from the administration also signals that normalcy is just around the corner and the country is coming out of the emergency situation and will be returning to life after surviving the atrocious two-plus years – thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeff Zients and his team released a national Covid-19 strategy at the beginning of this month where it was outlined how people will start to resume their normal and usual routine safely after undergoing a disruptive lifestyle in the past two years.

The selection of Dr. Ashish Jha is not a surprise for many as the Biden administration has been under a knife for confusing the public regarding the virus-related restrictions and easing up mandates from time to time.

Dr. Jha is known for his familiarity with the American culture and his exceptional communication skills there he is a perfect choice.

President Biden stated “As we enter a new moment in the pandemic — executing on my National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and managing the ongoing risks from COVID — Dr. Jha is the perfect person for the job.”

Biden was all praised for Jeff Zients and his amazing team and said that it was because of the efforts of his team that America made “consequential” and “stunning” progress against the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

He further added “When Jeff took this job, less than 1% of Americans were fully vaccinated; fewer than half our schools were open; and unlike much of the developed world, America lacked any at-home COVID tests. Today, almost 80% of adults are fully vaccinated; over 100 million are boosted; virtually every school is open, and hundreds of millions of at-home tests are distributed every month.”

Before Zients appointment under the Biden administration, he also served as a vice-chairperson for the transition of Biden. He was appointed as the director of the National Economic Council while working as an acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget under the Obama administration.

He also led and brought it out of a disastrous condition in 2013.

Zients’ deputy Natalie served the role of deputy campaign manager for President Biden back in 2020 and was a top aide to the chief of staff in the White House in Obama’s tenure.