President Joe Biden says, “everybody is frustrated” when the two valuable legislative pieces got stalled in Congress, including a rise in a debt limit, during fighting among the segregated Democratic rallies. 

In the White House Lawn, Joe Biden said to the news reporters, “Everybody is frustrated, it’s part of being in government, being frustrated,”

Biden headed out to travel to Delaware to stop approving the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill if it was voted before the $3.5 trillion bills, which contains left-wing priorities. Moreover, Biden spoke to the reporters on climate changes and social spending as well, as related to a significant increase in taxes for well-settled Americans.

The $3.5 trillion bills could have been moved forward using a budget adjustment process. That shows just 50 votes from the Senate are required, excluding Republican filibusters. However, for this to happen, all the 50 members of the Senate must participate. 

The unity felt in doubt when the opposition raised due to skyrocketing price tags from Democrats, including Joe Manchin, W-Va, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and D-Ariz, who are striving to bring the prices down.

However, the progressive Democrats denied supporting the infrastructure bill until the parliament reached the big reconciliation package. That means there were no votes received to pass the House. 

While on the other hand, Pelosi accepted defeat on the infrastructure bill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who previously vowed to get the infrastructure bill passed, lost hope as she drew a white flag and said, “more time is needed” to get the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed. 

In a message to House Dems, her representative said, “Negotiations to develop a House, Senate and White House agreement on Buildback Better Act have made great strides. But it will take more time to complete that mission. ” 

“Our priority to create jobs on the health care, family and climate agenda is a common value. Our chair is still working for clarity and consensus on the settlement bill. If an agreement is reached, the bipartisan infrastructure bill will be passed. “