When Joe Biden assumes the presidency in January, he will be taking over Trump’s immigration policies that have been highly criticized, since the immigrants have not received asylum and are residing in Mexico expecting humanitarian aid from the US which is not being provided either.

Even though Biden has vowed that he will bring change, the process will be very complicated. According to reports about the transition, the Biden team has been presented with the challenge of navigating through the number of issues that Stephen Miller has left behind in only two months.

Miller was the president’s lead immigration adviser and the brains behind his restrictive immigration policies. He is still trying to implement a few more restrictions before Trump’s administration leaves the White House with the aim of reducing immigration to the country.

Advocates and officials in favor of immigration have criticized the Trump administration for their executive actions that have hindered America’s welcoming image.

The Biden-Harris administration is already making changes by appointing Alejandro Mayorkas as Homeland Security Secretary and Ur Jaddou, who was previously chief counsel at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services as the team lead. However, despite these efforts, receding Trump’s policies poses a significant challenge.

Harris Administration Cannot Repeal Trump’s Restrictive immigration PoliciesBiden has promised to allow more refugees into the country and will increase the maximum limit to 125,000, which is a jump from the Trump administration’s cap of only 15,000 that is the lowest in the history of the United States.

According to analysts, to accommodate this change in the cap, new refugee interviews will be a requirement. Moreover, since many of the refugee officers have been working on asylum cases under the Trump administration, there is a lack of refugees who are advanced in the system.

The pandemic also poses significant challenges because the US Citizenship and Immigration Services interview teams cannot travel to other countries.

The Trump administration introduced two major policies. One of them being that non-Mexican seeking refuge in the country were asked to remain in Mexico and wait for their immigration court date in America. The second policy was regarding the pandemic, which called for any migrants arrested at the border to be removed quickly.

According to the president of the Migration Policy Institute, the Biden-Harris administration cannot repeal the policies immediately, because that will result in a sudden rise in migrants that they might not be ready to deal with.