Joe Biden is already preparing to aggressively fight the pandemic that is rapidly spreading throughout the country. Meanwhile, Donald Trump refuses to surrender.

Biden seems very eager to finally assume power after striving for the presidency for three decades. He has made it clear that he will be using his transition period to battle the virus and would work to counter the health and economic problems that come along with it. The new wave is spreading at an alarming rate and the pandemic could become worse when he assumes a full presidency in January.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is pursuing its aggressive scheme to arrange rallies to propagate the false claims that the election was stolen.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Trump has dismissed health professionals’ advice regarding the pandemic and continued to throw caution to the wind as the situation worsened and the number of cases per day crossed the 100,000 marks. The count for the highest number of cases reached 126,742 on the day Biden’s victory was announced.

Biden Comes up on COVID-19 strategyThe pharmaceutical company Pfizer provided a ray of hope by announcing that its vaccine is 90% effective, however, it will not be available to the American public until late 2021, hence it does not offer any short-term benefits.

Biden congratulated the people behind the development of the vaccine but also continued to emphasize that the public must still strictly follow the coronavirus SOPs, which includes wearing masks and social distancing. Trump also tweeted about the announcement; however, he had hoped the news would have come before the election as it could have increased his chances of reelection.

Biden Plans: Fighting COVID-19Although Biden exceeded the 270 electoral votes that are required to win, Trump continues to spread false rumors that the election was stolen from him.

Trump has also been receiving mixed support from the people close to him. While his senior advisor and the first lady have insisted that he should admit defeat, his two adult sons are encouraging him to pursue the false accusations of fraud.

Biden announced in his presidential speech that he wanted to unify and heal America, however, this will be a difficult task with 70 million Trump supporters convinced that the election was a fraud and stolen from their choice of president.