Joe Biden has agreed to sign the Iran nuclear deal again if Iran follows the agreement.

However, this deal would have to be processed as quickly as possible before Iran’s elections in June, during Biden’s first months in the presidency.

The current president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, initiated the deal and called it the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It cannot be predicted whether the next president will be on board with the deal.

The former US officials have spoken on the matter saying that there will be people strongly opposing the deal in Washington, Tehran, and the region in general. In addition to this, each side will have to ensure that compromises are reciprocated by the other side.

Rouhani stated in a Cabinet meeting that their main purpose was to eliminate sanctions and make things easier for their people.

A senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations think tank believes that they have been trying to approach Biden with different options as to how he can collaborate with Iran again on a diplomatic level.

Biden in a RaceBiden intends to improve diplomatic relations with Iran. He is planning to remove the sanctions on Iran’s foreign minister as well as other senior officials, allowing more humanitarian imports into the country as well as receding the travel ban on Muslim-majority countries.

Iran is currently struggling because of a lack of medical resources, which include insulin, influenza vaccine, medicines for cancer treatment, and test kits for COVID-19. Biden wants to ensure that US sanctions do not add to Iran’s already suffering economy fighting against the coronavirus.

A former Treasury Department official states that the fierce sanctions imposed by the Trump administration have had consequences that include foreign banks being reluctant to provide humanitarian aid, fearing conflict with American sanctions, even though it is legal.

The Trump administration has been pressurizing Iran and applying more sanctions even during his last few months in office.

Previously Trump reinforced the sanctions that were lifted under the JCPOA and additionally imposed several other sanctions as well, which were very harmful to Iran’s economy.

The former US officials and European diplomats believe that sanctions will not be lifted all at once, but instead, a step by step procedure will be followed, as Iran’s nuclear work being halted in exchange for a few sanctions being lifted.