Biden has been taking steps to ensure that the bans harming the values of the country imposed by the Trump administration are lifted. One such ban was on immigration, which is now lifted by the Biden administration.

Legal immigration was banned by Donald Trump due to his bias against the immigrants. This is the reason that the people who were entering the United States legally were facing trouble.

Trump had an opinion about the immigrants and that was they were after the jobs of the Americans. This is why he was popular among certain groups as he was always seen talking about this issue.

Whereas Biden considers that diversity is the key to America’s success in the economic sector. The interests of American society are not rightfully secured if the people are banned from entering the USA.

Biden shared his thoughts on the matter and said that diversity is the main thing that is making the industry excel in the US. He has lifted this ban because he wants to see America succeed once again as the diversity will bring more expertise.

More than 120,000 family visas were lost because of the ban imposed by Trump. He wanted to protect the economy and he thought that it was the only way.

Last year, the pandemic made American society vulnerable and the people from abroad were of the least consideration. This was done to ensure that the virus is contained and the Americans could retain their jobs.

The interest was likely to be appreciated by the Americans, but not the outside world. Biden has the interest of all the friendly nations in mind and this is why he has lifted this ban.

The lawyers are concerned that this is adding to the problems of the people as the applications are still coming in. This means that the applications will pile in the backlog of the immigration office and this is adding to their worries.

A federal judge temporarily lifted the ban last year as well but only if the conditions were met. The people looking for employment in the country must apply to such organizations that are registered with the US Chamber of Commerce.

The visa lottery numbers are to be increased, but last year’s applicants are still on the waiting list. Biden’s orders will be a blessing for those whose entry was about to expire because it was only for 6 months.