On Thursday, the US President hailed the US CDC mask guidance as a remarkable day for the US and a critical landmark in the US against coronavirus.

Biden said, though wearing no mask during his remarks in the White House Rose Garden, that people have suffered this whole ordeal. You complied with your country’s request to be vaccinated. Residents to America rose to the occasion. He further said that the people fulfilled what he believed was your patriotic obligation and that is how America has arrived at this stage.

Biden’s remarks came after the CDC stated that individuals who are completely vaccinated for Covid-19 are not required to wear face shields, masks or exercise social distancing outside or indoor, except for specific circumstances.

CNN was told by an official that to indicate that Biden’s Administration has accepted the guidance, an email was sent to the staffers on Thursday informing them that they are no longer required to wear face shields having been vaccinated.

According to Dr. Rochelle, if a person has been properly vaccinated, he surely can resume the activities he wasn’t able to do during the pandemic. He further said, during a Covid-19 conference that they have been longing for such a time that could get the people to reclaim a semblance of normalcy.

Dr. Walensky described it as an exciting and transformative moment, adding that the evidence confirms the CDC mask guidance that anyone who has been completely vaccinated should engage in outdoor and indoor activities, let it be small or large, without a mask or social distancing.

Multiple sources told CNN that the officials from White House were taken aback when the CDC notified them Wednesday about 9 p.m. ET that the department was updating its guidelines on completely vaccinated residents.

The officials did not foresee the CDC issuing new masking guidelines for at least the upcoming days and did not have the idea how wide the guidance will be, considering the CDC’s track record of caution.

However, the White House desires that these situations be addressed in this manner, as Biden entered office aiming to re-establish the independence of CDC. +

A senior official stated that since they are sensitive about sharing the content of what they are into, it is not really possible to forecast.

According to the sources, Walensky ultimately decided to revise the suggestions after a Wednesday meeting with CDC leaders. She then updated Xavier Becerra, secretary for Health and Human Services, on the move and told the White House Wednesday evening.

The late-night details sparked a rush in the White House to issue instructions on Thursday. An announcement was made during the briefing on the coronavirus and arrangements made for the US President to address the nation from the Rose Garden following the announcement.

Walensky met the officials from White House on Thursday morning to review the guidelines and plan for any questions she might face during the covid briefing – a procedure identified by one official as “pressure-testing” the new guidance. Walensky felt qualified to proceed after the session.

Although Biden lauded the latest recommendations Thursday, he emphasized the importance of continuing to vaccinate aggressively in order to reduce transmission rates.

He said that they are not over yet; we continue to lose so many Americans due to an epidemic of unvaccinated population. By July 4th, we ought to vaccinate 70% of adults. We must confront this pandemic head on. Not only here, but even abroad, in order to be genuinely secure in the long run, He said there is also additional testing to be done and regardless of how difficult this pandemic has been, the US will prevail.

According to CDC data released Wednesday, approximately 45 percent of US adults are completely vaccinated against Coronavirus. By the second week of June, 70 percent of adults would have administered one dose of vaccine, at least.

Meanwhile, the President encouraged Americans to show “kindness and gratitude” to all who continue to carry masks.

The President said that he had got too much contention, much too much resentment, far too much rage, and too much politicization on the issue of wearing masks and also stated to put this matter to rest.

In his address the President said that we should not forget that we are all Americans. Let us not lose sight of the fact that we are together in this issue. He stated that if you have had all of your vaccinations and are able to remove your mask, then you have won the freedom to do something that Americans are known for around the world, welcoming everyone with a smile.