After the recent presidential debate, Joe Biden and President Trump have resumed their campaign trail, attacking each other, and promoting their agenda to voters.

During the trail, in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Biden has appealed to the Commission on Presidential Debates to enforce strict rules in the coming debates.

This was the result of Trump’s behavior during the debate which Biden described as ‘a national embarrassment’. He states that the president was continuously attacking him, his family, and the debate moderator. He claimed that this was a ploy to distract from the debate.

Biden Terms the Performance of Trump in Debate as ‘National Embarrassmen

He also suggested that each person should be given a certain amount of time on the microphone with no interruptions to prevent a chaotic debate. The commission responded to his concerns and have incorporated additional instructions and rules to ensure that the next two debates are carried out smoothly.

Trump, along with his representatives, has been campaigning in Minnesota to win over the 10 electoral votes of the state. However, he has been falling behind in the polls as the voters are known to favor the Democrats previously as well.

The president was also reported to spread false information to the crowd in Minnesota, claiming that Biden wanted to drop out of the upcoming debates as he was losing in the recent one.

In addition to this, Trump was also heard bragging about the television ratings of the debate, stating that it had the highest ratings amongst anything ever aired on television.


This was false as well. A media measurement company, Nielsen has reported that 73.1 million people were streaming the debate; however, the presidential debate with Hillary Clinton had a higher number of viewers at 84 million.

Biden criticized Trump for constantly interrupting him during the debate. He also highlighted that Trump did not condemn the Proud Boys, who are a neo-fascist group known to frequently incite street violence at peaceful protests. Trump deflected the question by blaming Antifa instead and told the Proud Boys to ‘stand back’ and ‘stand by’.

The group took this statement as support for their cause and celebrated on social media as well as by adding the president’s words to their logo.