As per the reports by Fox News, Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is failing and Americans are losing faith in his administration.

Even though Americans received hundreds and billions of dollars from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, they have voted against Biden.

In a recent NPR/Marxist poll, when Americans were asked how much the $1400 payments helped them, only 2 in 10 were satisfied, and 8 in 10 responded with “helped a little,” or not at all.

Similarly, in another poll, where Americans were asked if the $300 monthly expanded child tax payments, which started distributing last summer helped them or not, Only 20% showed satisfaction, while 76% said it didn’t help at all.

Moreover, out of these 61% were convinced the country is heading towards the south, while only 48% were happy with the work of the Biden Administration.

As per the population that believes Biden’s Build Back Better plan is nonsensical, the trillion-dollar spending has caused inflation. Not only does the public believe this, but Liberal economists like Larry Summers and Jason Furman also agree with the majority.

Moreover, they believe, if matters are not taken care of now, the situation will worsen.

In a September tweet, Biden wrote, ” My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars.” Well, this statement is not true as the CBO has already declared that this agenda will not bring the cost of goods and services down.

In another recent Economist/YouGov poll, 46% of voters believe that Biden is not an  “honest and trustworthy” leader, while only 37% still believes in his leadership.

Despite robust recovery and Labor shortages increasing wages, Americans are hit by the most damaging inflation in four decades.

Another AP-NORC poll concluded that two-thirds of Americans complained about inflation, while only a quarter responded that their incomes had risen.

However, one-third of the voters have also complained that they have to drive less because gas prices are 50% higher than the previous year, while another one-third says that they can’t eat meat often because it costs them 21% more than last year.

All in all, 89% of the voters have confirmed that inflation is impacting their life in some ways, while 50% said that this rise in prices has had a major hit on their standard of living.