QAnon conspiracy theorists have been believed for years that a day will come when President Donald Trump will finally take action against his opponents, who are allegedly Satan-worshippers. Their slogan says ‘trust the plan’, that calls for wide-scale arrests, executions as well as military tribunals against Trump’s rivals.

However, when President Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20, and nothing happened, they are disappointed and confused.

A few of the believers have still found a way to cling to the conspiracy theory, believing that Biden’s inauguration was an illusion and there is still a chance that Trump will take office again.

However, several members of the conspiracy theorist group are scared and doubtful. One of the members posted on Telegram that they were devastated, and felt like the plan they’ve believed in for so long will not be carried out.

An author of a soon-to-be-published book about QAnon also claimed that he was not sure whether this chaos and confusion among the members, was a critical moment for them, or a staggering blow to their movement.

He explained that the members had made huge sacrifices for this movement, and it has affected their families, and their personal lives. It is not easy for them to walk away from it or stop believing in it.

After the inauguration of President Joe Biden, the message boards and online groups that QAnon members, frequently use, were flooded with people mocking them and making fun of the movement. As a result, many of the members announced they would leave social media for some time.

White supremacist groups, and the far-right neofascist groups, like the Proud Boys, have taken this opportunity to persuade the disappointed QAnon members to join their cause instead.

An anonymous person posted on 4chan, saying that since the members are at a very low point – and they’re broken and devastated – this is a great opportunity to post about Nat Soc in their groups as they will be seeking out hope.

QAnon members were active on Facebook and Twitter until their accounts were removed by the social media giants after the riots at the White House earlier this month.