Joe Biden received the highest number of votes in the history of the United States and his popular vote has now crossed 6 million, giving him an exceptional lead over Trump.

Biden is winning to Trump by 6,036,922 votes. The Electoral College has also been influenced by Biden’s victory in the popular vote, and they are responsible for the final decision of the next president.

He presents a convincing argument after he’s been successful in flipping key battleground states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

However, Trump and his campaign have been going around the country filing lawsuit after lawsuit in various states in hopes of overturning the election results. They have not presented any substantial evidence as of yet.

Even though most Republicans have either remained silent or supported Trump in his allegations, many of them are reconsidering and opposing him now.

This is largely due to a recent press conference where Trump’s lawyer, Giuliani announced a conspiracy theory that the voter fraud was a nationally coordinated effort but provided no evidence for this claim.

Biden’s Lead Over Trump Georgia’s secretary of state has openly spoken up against Trump criticizing him for not graciously accepting his loss and moving on.

Usually, the next president and his administration are given access to resources as well as funding in the transition period before they formally take office. However, the General Services Administration, being led by one of Trump’s team members, is refusing to do so.

Biden continues to work on the transition. He recently had a meeting with two Congress Democrats which include Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, and Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader.

In January, Biden will be facing the huge challenge of administering a country amidst a public health as well as an economic crisis, with rising unemployment rates and prevailing racial discrimination.

In addition to dealing with these issues, Biden will also have to convince the American people that his age will not be a problem going forward as he is the oldest president to ever be elected in American history.

A political scientist from Rutgers University states that Biden and his team will have to make some effort to build their credibility and persuade the public that Biden is physically and mentally capable of performing his job.