According to the news update, there were previously cultural wars about lockdowns throughout the country, then the war continued over face mask mandate, then over face mask mandate in schools. Even though the pandemic situation is receding in the country, the culture war over vaccine mandate tends to be growing more intense with the legislators and governors that launch challenges to rule that. Amid these challenges, many health experts have predicted another surge in the Covid-19 cases shortly.

There was resistance to the vaccine mandate as soon as the President instructed the new mandate on Sept 9. However, there were mixed reactions towards the vaccine mandate in the country when Biden stated that the companies having more than 100 employees are required to be mandated. This was difficult to come into effect unless the federal regulators do not issue a rule which is supposed to happen soon.

Though there are several Republicans who endorse vaccine mandate requirements and show signs of the cold war. “See you in court,” – the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem stated to the president on Twitter soon after he announced the vaccine mandate.

A week later, Arizona was the first state who sued the President over the vaccine mandate, despite the case that the rule was not formally issued. After two days, more than 24 Republican secretaries of state sent a letter to Joe Biden that claimed that the vaccine mandate is counterproductive and disastrous and they would be seeking every legal option available to make this rule nullified.

“Vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us,” Joe Biden started from the President House on Thursday as the workplace vaccination rule was about to be finalized by OSHA.

“I am opposed to the current mandate by the Biden Administration, but the solution is not to place additional mandates on employers at the state government level,” Hutchinson said in a statement, “The solution is not to put employers in a squeeze play between state and federal law.”

The administration of Joe Biden also released a 20-page document that has thoroughly claimed and argued that the vaccine mandate will have a strong historical impact on the country.

Biden also acknowledged the fact that the vaccine mandate will require an intake of tough medicine but it is for the sake of health.

“Vaccinations are going to beat this pandemic,” the president said.