Renowned television icon, Billie Eilish has now taken up a new dressing style. The 19-year-old has been famous for speaking up about her constant struggle with her body image and this sudden diversion in her attire is a stepping stone for the teen music sensation.

Widely known for her baggy suits, Eilish has now embraced the world of fitted corsets and plunging necklines. Featured on the cover of the British Vogue, the teen is seen sporting her new wardrobe with utmost grace and perfection.

In an interview with the same magazine, Billie Eilish opened up about receiving a myriad of hateful comments on her looks as a teenager and how it played an integral role in revamping her classic wardrobe style.

The recent change in her attire is a monumental step for Eilish, who had openly declared her body to be her “deepest insecurity.These insecurities formed a greater part of her childhood and led her to wearing loosely fitted clothes. Moreover, her struggle was not only pertinent to her own self, but also to what others deemed appropriate.

In a statement, Billie Eilish stated how she found it difficult to conform to people’s acceptable level of showing skin. However, things have now changed and her deep-rooted self-doubt has been replaced by a permanent wave of confidence. Before her shoot with British Vogue became public, Eilish declared how this was her own choice and it all comes down to “what makes you feel good.” She further refuted popular belief by stating how showing your body does not have any relation with the respect you command in the society.

Billie Eilish’s move to a new wardrobe comes days after she released her track “You Power,” a song dedicated to people who take unfair advantage of people and their situations, especially men. In her interview with British Vogue, she ardently declared that men profiting out of situations is not acceptable at any cost. Eilish was quick to point out people who claim that wearing revealing clothes is an invitation for men to “grab them” or behave inappropriately with them. This is “no excuse” for men to behave this way, said the pop star.

After starting off her illustrious career at the tender age of 13, Billie Eilish acknowledged that she is seen as a different person now. Nevertheless, she declared how it was important to be real and “be exactly who you feel like you are and want to be in that moment,” because that’s the least we can do for ourselves.