A black student was held at gunpoint in her dorm room at around 3 am by police officers.

Christin Evans, a 17-year-old black student studying at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches was accused by her roommates that she wanted to hurt them, and she is in possession of a scissor for that purpose. The police responded to this allegedly false report, which left Christin traumatized.

The SFA police stormed into Christin’s room while she was sleeping and pointed guns at her because her roommates filed a report against her.

Randall Kallinen, attorney of the young woman, claims this to be a racist set up by the white students. He compares this with the Breonna Taylor incident when the black woman was shot dead in a shootout as the police knocked down the main door, went in, and killed the innocent woman.

Black student’s dorm room stormed by police with guns After watching the CCTV footage, the campus police told her parents that they found no evidence that may prove her guilty. The parents were shocked to hear the news as the mother says that she could never imagine something like this could happen to her daughter.

Her mother thought that the worst situation would be that Christin might be out of money or had bad grades. This could make her daughter fearful or she might develop a sleeping disorder. She also explained how this could turn out much worse than this.

The 17-year-old had moved to the university and wanted to make new friends, but this proved to be extremely difficult for her. Christin has moved to a new dorm room and is taking online classes now.

The parents and Christin demand action to be taken against the racist act and exploring what charges are applicable. Whether this would come under a simple violation of her code of conduct or would it be considered a criminal activity.

Whatever it is, the black community is concerned about such activities and is worried that this could happen to anyone of them just because they are black.

Scott Gordon, the university’s president, says that they are looking into the matter and the process will take time. But he maintained that justice will be served and the culprits will be punished.