Erika Jayne of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was seen boarding a private aircraft only days after a court ordered her to turn over financial documents as part of an investigation into her and her husband Tom Girardi’s enormous wealth.

On Thursday, the singer of “XXXproductive” was excited about her journey to the airport before she was loaded down with bags. The stranger who assisted her on the tarmac was spotted holding a suitcase.

The reality personality, who is renowned for flashing expensive clothing and high heels, was pictured for the departure in a more casual ensemble. Jayne teamed a fluffy light pink jacket with a hot pink blouse, white form-fitting trousers, and black-and-white shoes.

Erika’s team will be required to provide critical papers about her funds, including money orders, cheques, bank statements and any emails and/or messages discussing her finances. The ruling comes just days after the reality star was accused of failing to give up her bank information in court papers.

The papers claim that at every step, Erika Jayne has utilized the glam to continue to assist and abet [these] fraudulent transactions involving significant transfers of assets from [Girardi Keese] to Erika. Additionally, the Trustee has gotten no assistance from Erika, which is typical of someone who is concealing assets.

The papers said that Erika has consistently refused to give access to her management business, her CPA, any books and records of EJ Global or any of her associated companies.

Every day, Erika Jayne uses community assets for financial gain by attempting to sell her clothes on online platforms, displaying large jewels on social networks, and doing nothing to help return structured firm payments that were given to her in lieu of the firm. She has yet to respond to the firm’s counsel after twelve days, even though she was alerted to the problem by them earlier.

Meanwhile, the separated pair and Girardi Keese were charged in a federal complaint with embezzling millions of money meant for the relatives of aircraft accident victims to finance their opulent and celebrity lifestyles. As a result, viewers chastised the television housewife for her contemptible choice to go on a private aircraft.