Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by Kentucky police earlier this year in May in a botched narcotics raid. Two grand jurors from the case have come forward to criticize the police officers, saying that their actions were ‘negligent’ and ‘criminal’.

One of the grand jurors has reportedly said in an interview that the officers did not provide a risk assessment and it seemed like they had not even carried out one.

The juror also went on to explain that when he said ‘negligent’, he means that the operation was not organized at all. The second juror who described their actions as ‘criminal’ explained that their behavior while handling the raid and the warrant was deceptive.

The Attorney General Daniel Cameron declared that no police officers will be directly charged. Following this, the grand jurors insisted that they be permitted to speak publicly on the matter as they were not allowed to consider charges of homicide.

Breonna Taylor Grand JurorsThe juror also went on to criticize Cameron saying that he was taking advantage of the grand jury to avoid accountability and responsibility. He further went on to say that he was also creating doubts in the minds of people about the process.

This month, the grand jurors were permitted by the judge to speak to the public about the incident. However, Cameron said he would not appeal the decision as he believes that this violates the principle of secrecy, which is the main purpose of the grand jury system.

He also claimed that it was not fair if indictments are acquired when there is not enough proof.

One of the grand jurors said that they believed that additional charges should have been made and that the actions of the police officers were not justified.

Say Her name Breonna TaylorA former Louisville, Kentucky police detective was charged with wanton endangerment because he fired into an apartment recklessly and put the lives of neighbors in danger as well. He has, however, pleaded not guilty. He was fired in June.

Cameron defended the police officers’ open firing as he claims Taylor’s boyfriend, Walker, shot at them first, injuring one of the officer’s leg. Police say that Walker shot at the door.

Walker claims that he thought it was a home invasion whereas police officers say they announced themselves before entering.