The couple’s representatives told the People’s Daily that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi officially gave up their luxurious wedding in the event of a coronavirus emergency. They were married on May 29, but because the UK is locked in, it will take another three weeks to cancel this opportunity anyway. As the UK continues to fight the coronavirus, the outstanding wedding is the latest major wedding.

The representative of the couple told people: “There is no design to switch scenes or hold a larger wedding. “In any case, they are not considering getting married now. “There will be a chance to transform, but it has not.” These include: “The invitation was never really conveyed.” They had hoped to have a wedding in the Royal Chapel in St. James’s Palace, but their unusual days have been delayed for a long time. The Queen confirmed that she would no longer hold a wedding party at Buckingham Palace until the lockout took full effect a month ago.

Princess Beatrice was confined with Edo at his home in West London. The rest of the York family, including the 30-year-old Bea dear sister Princess Eugenie, is currently elongated in Royal Lodge, Prince Andrew’s residence. Princess Beatrice has been under radar during the pandemic, unlike her younger sister Eugenie.

Eugenie (Eugenie) is considered to be another friendly figure of the two sisters, and has recently regularly refreshed fans through web-based online media. Eugenie does not have an open Instagram account like Beatrice at all, and usually posts on Instagram. From sharing photos of the consideration package she and her mother Fergie sent to emergency clinic staff to gratitude to NHS staff, Eugenie has maintained an online life that is closely related to emergencies.

In the past few days alone, she has shared some inspiring spirits with her fans. On Thursday, Eugenie paid tribute to beneficiary Tom Moore, who raised 15 million pounds for the National Health Service (NHS). Her message is: “Captain Moore will be your motivation and bless your heart.”

On Wednesday, she shared a striking photo and an old canvas of pink flowers, and she stamped World Art Day on Instagram. The post reads: “This is World Art Day … I need to share what I did a few years ago.  Through my past craftsmanship and characteristics, today is a good time. I fully believe that this time I can achieve greater creativity from any individual who appreciates it.