Britney Spears has spoken out once again.

Spears hasn’t held back when it comes to expressing her views on social media after she parted ways with attorney Sam Ingham – who she said urged her to stay quiet.

Only a few days ago, when the judge authorised her new attorney Mathew Rosengart, Britney Spears joined the list of fans by using hashtag ‘#FreeBritney’.

On Friday evening, Britney Spears returned to Instagram to express her views, this time with a picture of writing that read: “Never forget who neglected you when you needed them and who helped you before you ever asked.”

She said that nothing is worse than when those closest to you who have never been up for you write things about your predicament, whatever it may be, and ask for support righteously.

The celebrity said that she was astonished that the people you care about said anything at all… did they even extend a hand to pull me up at the TIME??? Britney Spears further said that how dare you to make it public that you are now concerned… did you reach out to save me while I was drowning???

The “Crossroads” actress would not clarify who she was referring to specifically, but emphasised that the subjects are aware of their identities.

She targeted the people by saying that you have the audacity to mention anything about my position in public to save your own face. If you’re going to write anything… Please refrain from taking a righteous stance when you’re so far from righteous that it’s not even amusing.

Spears had a great week after her court triumph with Rosengart’s consent. The switch in counsel occurred after her explosive testimony last month in which she lashed out at her father Jamie and the conservatorship he has presided over since 2008.

She described the conservatorship as “abusive” and said that it had left her “traumatised.”

Rosengart said at Wednesday’s hearing that he intends to submit a request to remove Jamie from her role as Spears’ conservator very soon.