Tom Brady is seen coaching the young players and the coach Bruce Arians narrates the whole story on Mariucci’s show. Bruce is an old school coach, and his methods are never out of style as he has a grip over his techniques.

Tampa Bay has shown great performance and the coach could not be happier for his team. He expressed his gratitude for his team on a television program run by Mariucci.

This time around no one was able to play preseason games to train themselves for the National Championship. Despite all the hurdles, the players from Tampa Bay showed great strength and rose in the points table.

The coach took a different approach this time because he was not betting on the rookie to come and play for Tampa Bay. Instead, he invested all his time and energy into making the most out of the veterans of this game.

As asked in the interview, he did not anticipate that his team will make it to the Super Bowl, and he was happy with the team’s performance. He gave all the credits to the veterans playing which minimized his work of training them as they were good at what they were doing.

Specifically, the coach was happy with the performance of the Gronk as he was putting in all the effort. He was always the first one on the field and the last one to leave and this made the coach happy about his choice.

Sometimes Tom Brady likes to take the charge of the team and make sure that the team is holding themselves together in these tough times. The coach was satisfied with the performance of Tom Brady lets him take charge of the team as well.

Bruce Arians are known for coaching quarterbacks hard and the coaching of Tom Brady is not any different from others. This is the reason that this 43-year-old quarterback took the team to the NFL championship.

The coach is going to take his team with great confidence into the Super Bowl because his team is showing good performance. He was beaming with confidence when he was interviewing Mariucci on his television show.

Tampa Bay can mark the Super Bowl as a historic event as they will be hosting it for the very first time. If they win, they will be the first ones hosting the game and winning simultaneously.