The expressway was shut in the two ways Monday night as fire teams battled flares against high breezes.

A large grass fire off State Route 167 in Sumner closed the highway Monday night. The intensity of the fire and heat in and prompted the evacuation of a warehouse closes by. East Pierce Fire crews reached on the scene soon after 7:30 p.m. The team then reported that the flare-ups are on both sides of the road SR 167.

As per Washington State Patrol, the expressway was shut in two ways because of the fire and brought down electrical cables close to the State Route 410 interchange. Extra terminations were declared at 9 p.m., including eastward State Route 512 to northward SR 167 and Meridian to SR 167.

Pictures posted by Trooper Ryan Burke demonstrated blazes and ashes close to the street, and high breezes could be heard on a recorded video.

The city of Sumner tweeted that a stockroom situated on the 4300 square of West Valley Highway East was cleared as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the people working there.

Dangerous fire conditions will proceed consistently, and a warning admonition is as a result through at any rate Thursday. Forecasters anticipate that the breezes should ease by Wednesday, yet the dry climate will be set up for years to come.