According to BTS’s management agency, 3 individuals from the K-pop group BTS were sick with the covid after their return from an overseas trip.

Jin and RM were tested positive with coronavirus on Saturday evening, according to a statement from the Big Hit Music agency. It had already been reported that another member of the group, Suga, tested Covid-19 positive on Friday.

According to the agency, all three received their second doses in August.

BTS is a boyband of 7 members. Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope are the group’s other four members.

RM has not shown any symptoms, but Jin has minimal symptoms, including a light temperature, and is self-treating at home. According to the agency, Suga was not experiencing any symptoms and was performing self-care at residence in accordance with health officials’ rules.

RM tested negative after his return from the US this month, following his own routine there. He was subsequently diagnosed with the virus, however, before his planned release from self-quarantine, according to the agency.

Jin took PCR testing twice after his return to South Korea this month, first upon arrival and again before being released from self-quarantine, and both times he proved negative. However, he had symptoms similar to flu on Saturday afternoon before doing another PCR test, which resulted in a positive result, according to the agency. According to media sources, he has also visited the United States.

Suga, who had a few personal commitments in the US, was tested positive with COVID-19 under quarantine after his return from the United States, according to the agency.

The organization said that it would continue to give assistance to the three members in order for them to recuperate quickly. It said that it would comply with the requirements and rules of South Korean health authorities.

BTS, since their debut in 2013, has gained worldwide acclaim for self-produced activism and  music, which has included making a statement at the United Nations and openly condemning anti-Asian bigotry.

BTS was voted artist of the year, favorite pop duet or group, and favorite pop song for “Butter” at American Music Awards in November. The group’s performance with UK rock band Coldplay, “My Universe,” debuted at #1 on the Billboard in October. It was BTS’ sixth Hot 100 No. 1.