According to a survey carried out last week, the number of car crashes in California has gone down by more than 50 percent and saved around $1 billion for taxpayers.

The novel coronavirus has truly been a tragedy, affecting all spheres of human life. The restrictions imposed by governments all over the world have disrupted life as we knew it.

Among all these negatives, there is an unexpected silver lining. Almost every country implemented strict measures – restricting movements of its citizens as a result. 

This has led to empty streets and highways. As a result, car accidents in California have gone down by more than 50 percent saving countless lives and around $1 billion.

According to the survey, traffic density was lessened by around 55% compared to last year, inadvertently reducing the number of accidents. This saves the state of California around $40 million per day, which roughly translates to around $15 billion per year, more than the state’s entire transportation budget.

When compared to last year, the number of fatal crashes has gone down from roughly 500 to less than 250. This not only translates to fewer fatalities, but also money that is saved in the form of property damages, insurance claims, and emergency services.

However, despite the lower number of car crashes, the severity of the ones that occur has risen. This is because empty highways allow drivers to travel at faster speeds, thus leading to severer collisions.

The benefits of reduced traffic and empty highways are not only limited to reduce crashes. The quality of air around highways and noise pollution has significantly improved too.

The absence of cars on roads also means that streets and highways are safer for pedestrians and cyclists now. However, as responsible citizens, we must make sure that we follow all traffic rules so that everyone’s safety can be ensured.