California – A huge fire blazed a homeless encampment in Oakland, California reducing the premises into ashes in no time.

The fire was large and roared frantically because of the gusty winds. The blaze could be seen from afar accompanied by flames and black smoke skyrocketing in the sky.

According to the local officials, the fire erupted somewhere near 7:50 p.m near the Lake Merritt Boulevard overpass located close to the Kaiser Convention Center.

It took over 45 minutes to cool the blazing fire involving more than 25 firefighters, said an official representing the Oakland fire department.

The fire department officials found artwork, weighing scales, and miscellaneous household items under the bridge.

Structural engineers were called to inspect the area where the fire incident occurred as well as the surrounding areas of the bridge.

No casualties were reported.

An investigation has begun to determine the cause of the fire.

Various social media users living in the area shared videos and snippets of the blazing fire. Small explosions could be heard in some of these videos shared online.

The videos encompass blazing fire that could be seen rising from underneath the bridge and the smoke touching the skyline of Oakland city.

One of the social media users stated that this particular encampment had been perched in this area for over a year and no action had been taken by the authorities to remove the people from here and clear the area.

A fire eruption in a different homeless encampment in the city had resulted in the death of a person and five others were permanently displaced.

The Oakland fire department has reported that there have been around 90 fire incidents from March 2021 to March 2022.

The fire department also reported that the average number of fire incidents in a day were 1 back in 2019 but now the number has been increased to 3 incidents a day in 2021.