Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, has announced the reopening strategy for the state due to the apparent stability in the number of reported coronavirus cases and deaths.

He reported that millions of Californians responded to the call to stay home, and due to that, the officials can begin their next step. Although he warned the citizens to remember that the virus is still there and, as the state will move into the next reopening phase, everyone should follow the rules according to the new guidelines.

As the state moves on to the second stage, the locals should expect standard operating procedures like open-air break rooms, mask-wearing workers, digital payment devices, checklists, hand sanitizers, etc.

Any relaxation of constraints will be based upon the state in which probable positive cases and outbreaks will be checked, monitored, and traced. He emphasized that it is a gradual switch to check what works to find the way forward.

The Governor signed an executive order to create guidelines for the State Public Health Officer to decide how local health officials should enact public health policies in local circumstances, which are less stringent than the general health policy standards at the national level.

It is cautioned that Californians should plan to enter a drastically different environment where people still make sure to wear masks. He ordered the restaurants and public places to follow all the safety measures to avoid the outbreak of the virus.